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Here are some facts about our program:

What Teams do you Have?
We have a Large Coed Team with an average of 12 couples (12 females, 12 males). In addition we also have an All-Girl Team which consist of 16-20 members.
What are your requirements?
You must have a 2.0 GPA to be eligible to tryout for either team and must be able to maintain a 2.0 + GPA and be a full time student in order to participate.
Coed Team
Stunting: For New members trying out we are looking for solid toss stunts to the top. Fullups, Rewinds, Backhandspring Ups etc. are common stunts thrown at tryouts. (Don't worry if you cannot do all of the stunts mentioned, but it is advised that you attend one of our stunt clinics).
Tumbling: A solid standing tuck is mandatory for all females, and will be expected from all males. Full twisting layouts are expected from all females.
For specific requirements and information please check our Coed Team Tryouts page.
All-Girl Team
Stunting: We will be looking for the best 18 individuals to make our All- Girl Team. We will be looking for the following stunts throughout tryouts.
1. Straight up Extension*
2. Straight up Liberty*
3. Straight up Stretch*
4. Full up Lib or variation*
5. Quick Toss Stunts*
*Stunts may be full up or double down

The stunting portion of selections for the All-Girl squad will be handled much like a practice setting. The coaches will place candidates in groups throughout this time. We are looking for cheerleaders that display the ability to perform at more than one position. Being as versatile as possible with stunting is recommended. In addition, please be prepared to move around in groups and to perform more than one base position if asked.
Tumbling: A solid backhandspring is mandatory for all females, however standing tucks will be expected from team members.
Do you give scholarships?
We do give small scholarships to members of the Coed Team. Stunting, tumbling, character, need, attitude and work ethic are the attributes looked upon when distributing scholarships for the team at the end of summer practices.
How long is your season, and do you compete?
The Coed Team will cheer all home and away football games, select home men’s and women’s basketball games, select home volleyball games as well as numerous appearances on and off campus throughout the year.
The Coed Team competes at UCA Collegiate Nationals in January. The Coed Team will practice 4 days a week during the fall, and have 2-3 days of mandatory lifting/ conditioning. During Nationals Season, Practice will be 6 or 7 days a week for the nationals team. In the spring, we practice 1-2 days a week with 3-4 days of mandatory lifting/ conditioning.
The All-Girl Team will cheer all home football games, select volleyball games, select men’s and women’s basketball games as well as several appearances on and off campus throughout the year. The All Girl Team will work to perform locally and work to compete at a high level in the new emerging sport of STUNT. We will work to qualify to attend the STUNT National Championships in early April. The All-Girl team will practice 1-2 days a week in the fall with 2 days of mandatory lifting. In the spring, we will practice 3-4 days a week with 1-2 days of mandatory lifting/ conditioning.
Do you have open practices?
You are welcome to attend any practices. Please e-mail coach Rob Ellery to schedule a time and any additional questions about the program.

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