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Suicide Prevention Among Youth

May 1, 2011

Delaware has been the recipient of a Garrett Lee Smith grant to reduce suicide in youth ages 12-25 for the past two years. New analyses -- using the Delaware Youth Risk Behavior Survey to look at self-reported suicide attempts by grade and the School Health Profiles to look at the percentage of schools reporting they were addressing suicide prevention in classroom instruction --showed that, overall, students are more likely to report suicide attempts in middle school than in high school, with rates peaking in9 th grade and declining through the remainder of high school. However, only half of Delaware middle schools report providing prevention instruction, while almost all high schools do. After reviewing the analyses, the Delaware Department of Services for Children, Youth and Families used these findings to support a new proposal to SAMHSA, focusing on prevention efforts at the middle school level. This application is pending.

Source 2009 Delaware Youth Risk Behavior Survey


Source: 2010 Delaware School Health Profiles

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