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Binge Drinking at University of Delaware Remains High

December 1, 2010

Two national studies of college student binge drinking over the past two decades have found fairly consistent trends, with between 38% and 48% of students binge drinking. Though the trend locally also remains relatively steady, results from a CDAS study indicate that University of Delaware has consistently been significantly higher than other colleges nationally for binge drinking rates, with between 56% and 66% of UD students binge drinking. Additionally, there appears to be a slight upward trend at UD, with a low point having been achieved during a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funded initiative in the mid-'90s. Since the end of that initiative, binge drinking has increased and in 2010 reached 66%; a rate higher than ever recorded since tracking of the rate began. More on these findings can be found in the full report:

Binge Drinking and Other Risk Behaviors Among College Students, 2010

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