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April 15, 2010:

Drinking patterns by age among University of Delaware undergraduates

Binge drinking among college students increases only moderately at the legal drinking age according to the result of the 2009 College Risk Behaviors Study (CRBS). A survey of 1,230 undergraduate students at University of Delaware indicated that self-reported binge drinking, defined as drinking to intoxication with five or more drinks in a single sitting, varied from 55% of 18 year old students, to 70% at age 22. The difference between age 20 and age 21, the legal age for purchasing alcohol in the State of Delaware, was only a moderate increase of 8%. At the legal drinking age, drinking alcohol in general saw an increase from 80% to 94%, while heavy alcohol use increased from 4% to 8%. A graph of the relationship between alcohol consumption and age is presented below. The full report from the survey can be found here.