Criminal Justice Drug Abuse Treatment Studies 2 (CJ-DATS 2):  Middle atlantic center

Christy A. Visher, Principal Investigator
Steven S. Martin, Co-Investigator
Daniel J. O’Connell, Co-Investigator
Sami Abdel-Salam, Project Director

Initiated: 2009

Funding Source: National Institute on Drug Abuse

Project Summary:

CJ‐DATS 2 is a national collaborative research project which includes nine Research Centers and a Coordinating Center, and builds on the work accomplished in CJ-DATS. The Center for Drug and Alcohol Studies at the University of Delaware is one of the nine Research Centers. Many of the key questions reflect the need to develop a better understanding of the organizational and systems issues that can aid or undermine implementation of effective drug treatment and other services in correctional settings, especially for individuals reentering the community after incarceration. A particular focus of CJ‐DATS 2 is to investigate how agencies, sites or programs adopt and implement evidence‐based practices across different stages of criminal justice processing, and how the implementation of evidence‐based programs and practices can be improved to yield better client outcomes and increased utilization of services.

CDAS is participating in three CJ-DATS protocols: