State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup for Delaware

Roberta E. Gealt, Principal Investigator

Initiated: 2008

Funding Source: SAMHSA through Delaware Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Project Summary:

The Delaware Drug and Alcohol Tracking Alliance (DDATA) is the State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup for Delaware. It functions as a collaborative body of representatives of State agencies, community organizations, statewide non-profits, Universities, and Federal partners.  The mission of the DDATA is threefold: 1) To create and implement a systematic process for gathering, reviewing, analyzing and integrating data that will delineate a comprehensive and accurate picture of State substance-related consumption patterns and consequences; 2) To inform and guide substance abuse prevention policy, program development, and evaluation in the State; and 3) To disseminate information to State and community agencies, to targeted decision-makers, and to the Delaware public.