CJ-DATS: Target Interventions for Corrections (TIC)

Daniel J. O’Connell, Principal Investigator
Steven S. Martin, Co-Principal Investigator
Kristen Maiden, Co-Principal Investigator

Initiated: 2002

Funding Source: National Institute on Drug Abuse

Project Summary:

This project’s aim was to establish guidelines and resources for an evidence-based library of targeted treatment intervention components for outpatient reentry correctional programs. These materials were drawn primarily from existing drug treatment resources, especially those previously developed by CJ-DATS Research Centers. The TCU Treatment Model provided conceptual and scientific foundations for the use of several interventions. An intervention that addressed client problems related to anger and hostility had been instituted at one of Delaware’s work release treatment programs, and the first of two waves of participants had been interviewed by CDAS staff both before and after the anger management intervention.