Men Reaching Out to Other Men: Developing a Mixed Serostatus Group Intervention for Gay and Bisexual Men

Steven P Kurtz, Principal Investigator

James A. Inciardi, Co-Principal Investigator

Jason C. Weaver, Project Director

Initiated: 2005

Funding Source: National Institute on Drug Abuse

Project Summary:

The aims of the study were to develop and test the feasibility and acceptability of a small group intervention aimed at reducing drug use and HIV sexual risk behaviors among HIV-positive and HIV-negative gay men; to conduct a preliminary test of the efficacy of the intervention among 120 members for the target population; to examine the effects of demographic, HIV status, HIV concern, intimate relationship status, perceived social support, alcohol and drug use, depression and other psychological problems, reactions to homosexuality, and other life events in predicting drug use and sexual risk behaviors, and to assess the specific mechanisms through which substance use and HIV sexual risk behaviors are linked.

Select Publications:

Kurtz, Steven P. 2009. “Arrest Histories of High Risk Gay and Bisexual Men in Miami: Unexpected Additional Evidence for Syndemic Theory,” Journal of Psychoactive Drugs 40(4): 513-521.

Kurtz, Steven P. 2009. “Between Kansas and Oz: Drugs, Sex and the Search for Gay Identity in the Fast Lane.” In The Story of Sexual Identity: Narrative Perspective on the Gay and Lesbian Life Course, edited by Hammock, P.L. and Cohler, B.J.. New York: Oxford.

Kurtz, Steven P. 2005. “Past Circuit Blues: Motivations and Consequences of Crystal Meth Use Among Gay Men in Miami.” AIDS Care Behaviors 9 (1): 63-72.