A Cross-National Study of the Youth Drug-Violence Nexus

Lana D. Harrison, Principal Investigator
Patricia Erickson, Co-Principal Investigator
Charles Freeman, Project Director

Initiated: 1999

Funding Source: National Institute on Drug Abuse

Project Summary:

This project examined the drug-relatedness of violence among youth in the Philadelphia and Toronto metropolitan areas. By capitalizing on the similarities in (self-reported) drug use and violence between U.S. and Canadian youth, and the differences in arrest rates and the nature and extent of violence, this comparative study hoped to make an important contribution to understanding the extent to which drugs contribute to the patterns of violence among youth.

Select Publications:

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Kork, Dirk, Serge Brochu, Annemieke Benschop, Lana D. Harrison, and Patricia G. Erickson. 2008. “Teen drug sellers: A multi-Site study of Segregated Drug Markets.” Contemporary Drug Problems 1.