Drug Court Offenders in Outpatient Treatment

Frank R. Scarpitti, Principal Investigator
Clifford A. Butzin, Co-Principal Investigator
Anne E. Pottieger, Co-Principal Investigator
Christine A. Saum, Project Director
Druretta Nicholas-Jennings, Project Assistant

Initiated: 1999

Funding Source: National Institute on Drug Abuse

Project Summary:

This project aimed to increase our understanding of the influence that drug courts have in motivating treatment retention and post-treatment success for drug-involved offenders. The project incorporated two important contemporary mechanisms for dealing with substance abuse. One is treatment-oriented drug courts which are now frequently employed by state and local jurisdictions trying to cope with too many drug cases on their dockets and too many recidivist drug offenders. The other is outpatient substance abuse treatment which is less expensive than hospital and residential programs and thus have become increasingly attractive to private and public payers.

Select Publications:

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