Ongoing Studies of Treatment for High-Risk Drug Users – Merit Award

James A. Inciardi, Principal Investigator
Steven S. Martin, Co-Principal Investigator
Lana H. Harrison, Co-Principal Investigator
Frank R. Scarpitti, Co-Principal Investigator

Initiated: 1999

Funding Source: National Institute on Drug Abuse

Project Summary:

This “Merit Award Project” was an extension of the NIDA funded grant “Ongoing Studies of Treatment for High Risk Drug Users” and continued and broadened the work initiated in that grant. Its aims were to examine the relative effectiveness of two alternative criminal justice based treatment conditions, to examine the effectiveness of various social, psychological and demographic variables in predicting behavioral changes, to examine the long-term effectiveness of treatment, to explore risk factors associated with relapse and recidivism, and to examine the impact of treatment program expansions on prison operations.

Select Publications:

Inciardi, James A., Steven S. Martin and Clifford A. Butzin. 2004. “Five-Year Outcomes of Therepeutic Community Treatment of Drug-Involved Offenders after Release from Prison.” Crime and Delinquency 50 (1): 88-107.

Inciardi, James A., Steven S. Martin, Clifford A. Butzin, Ronald A. Beard and Daniel J. O’Connell. 2006. “A Model for Successful Correctional Drug Treatment: From Prison to Community.” Counselor: 20-26.

O’Connell, Daniel J., Tikomir N. Enev, Steven S. Martin and James A. Inciardi. 2007. “Working Toward Recovery: The Interplay of Part Treatment and Economic Status in Long Term Outcomes for Drug Involved Offenders.” Substance Use and Misuse 42: 1089 – 1107.