A Collaborative Plan to Reduce Irresponsible Drinking at the University of Delaware

John Bishop, Principal Investigator
Roberta E. Gealt, Project Manager
Tracy Bachman, Project Assistant
Steven S. Martin, Evaluator
Cynthia Robbins, Evaluator

Initiated: 1996

Funding Source: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Project Summary:

This project sought to demonstrate and evaluate new means of changing policies, practices, and student attitudes and norms regarding binge drinking and its consequences. Strategies were designed and implemented with student support and community involvement, calling not for prohibition but for policies to reduce high risk drinking behaviors, limiting access to underage students, and offering a sensible mix of incentives and sanctions. The Center worked on collaboration with the Office of the President and Vice President for Student Life in developing the proposal, as well as providing the administrative support and evaluation for the project.

Select Publications:

Bishop, John B.. 2000. β€œAn Environmental Approach to Combat Binge Drinking on College Campuses.” Journal of College Student Psychotherapy 15 (1): 15 – 30.