Ongoing Studies of Treatment for High Risk Drug Users

James A. Inciardi, Principal Investigator

Steven S. Martin, Co-Principal Investigator

Frank R. Scarpitti, Co-Principal Investigator

Initiated: 1995

Funding Source: National Institute of Drug Abuse

Project Summary:

This project was funded to continue and expand upon two NIDA Treatment Research Demonstration studies—one focusing on assertive case-management and the other on therapeutic communities in corrections. Both projects involved the implementation and evaluation of innovative treatment strategies for drug-involved prison releases in the State of Delaware.

Select Publications:

Inciardi, James A. and Christine A. Saum. 1997. “New Approaches in the Treatment of Substance Abuse.” Journal of Drug Issues 27: 195-201.

Butzin, Clifford A., Frank R. Scarpitti, Annie L. Nielson, Steven S. Martin and James A. Inciardi. 1999. “Measuring the Impact of Drug Treatment: Beyond Relapse and Recidivism.” Corrections Management Quarterly 3(4): 1-7.