HIV/AIDS Community Outreach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

James A. Inciardi, Principal Investigator

Initiated: 1993

Funding Source: National Institute of Drug Abuse

Project Summary:

This project’s aim was to establish HIV/AIDS surveillance and monitoring system in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and to develop, implement, and evaluate a community-based HIV/AIDS prevention/intervention program for drug users in the target area. The research was a cooperative effort involving the Center for Drug and Alcohol Studies at the University of Delaware, the Comprehensive Drug Research Center at the University of Miami School of Medicine, and the Nucleo de Estudos e Pesquisas em Atencao ao Uso de Dogas, a non-profit drug treatment and research center affiliated with the State University of Rio de Janeiro.

Select Publications:

Inciardi, James A. and Hilary L. Surratt. 2001. “Cross-Cultural Approaches to Harm Reduction Research: Some Considerations on the Brazil Experience.” Substance Use and Misuse 36: 201-212.

Inciardi, James A., Hilary A. Surratt, and Paulo R. Zelles. 2000. Sex, Drugs and HIV/AIDS in Brazil. Boulder, CO: Westview.