Urban Lifestyles Project: Drug Use and the Spatial Patterns of Crime

Leon E. Pettiway, Principal Investigator

Initiated: 1989

Funding Source: National Institute on Drug Abuse

Project Summary:
This project assessed the impact of drug use, spatial, and environmental factors on decisions made by drug offenders to execute burglaries, robberies, and thefts, and to engage in prostitution, drug dealing, and shoplifting. Interviews were conducted from an ethnographic field station established in Philadelphia. Respondents (431) were interviewed concerning their travel patterns, socio-demographic characteristics, drug use, and crime participation. The sample represented drug using and non-drug using offenders.

Select Publications:

Pettiway, Leon E. 1996. Honey, Honey, Miss Thang: Being Black, Gay and on the Streets. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press.

Pettiway, Leon E. 1997. Workin’ It: Women Living Through Drugs and Crime. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press.