Printmaking Studios

The Printmaking studios at the University of Delaware include spaces for traditional and digital processes for our students that reflect the area's emphasis on integration. The three adjacent workspaces include presses for etching, relief, and lithography, as welll as large-scale digital printers, and two exposure units for screen printing.

Beyond these facilities there is a separate studio for senior Art majors and spacious light-filled individual studios for graduate students.

    Specific equipment includes:
  • Etching/Litho studio: three relief/etching presses, two lithography presses, and a well-ventilated space for acid etching.
  • Digital Printmaking: an Epson 7800 Digital printer, Epson 9880 large format digital printer.
  • Screen-printmaking: a variety of screens of different sizes, two exposure units, a separate room for photo emulsion, and a phogravure exposure unit.