The AmericaReads program works in local elementary schools during the school day (8-3), helping children with literacy skills.  The structure and idea of the program is very simple: strong teacher involvement, one-on-one attention, and consistency.  These aspects, combined with 30-minute tutoring sessions once or twice a week, give a child invaluable confidence and reading improvement.  The teachers provide materials to work with the child and are a resource for any questions.  In addition, the one-on-one attention you provide the students allows for targeted support.  Most importantly, having someone who is there every week really shows a child how important they are.

Most of the schools we work with are quite close to the University of Delaware, and many are serviced by the UD bus system.  Others are within walking distance, and one or two do require personal transportation.

“Kids who read do better in life.  They get better jobs and are put on the road to success.”
-Associate Secretary of Education Wilson
Steps to becoming a UDReads participant:
  • Check out the expectations and committment
  • Fill out an application by contacting the office.
  • Speak with the program coordinator to answer questions
  • Participate in a UDReads reading training
  • Get matched with a student or students
  • Make a difference in the life of a child!