Meet the staffOlufemi Ogundele

Olufemi Ogundele

Nickname: Femi

Hometown: Corning, NY

Educational background

B.S., Journalism and Public Relations, Mansfield University

M.S., Strategic Communication, Ithaca College

Responsibilities &
recruitment territory

I am charged to recruit multicultural students both on and off-campus. On campus I coordinate a group of UD students, the Diversity Enrichment Leaders, whose purpose is to actively engage prospective students interested in diversity. When off campus I recruit in Baltimore, Maryland and the state of Texas.

How did I get my nickname?

I did all of my elementary school teachers a favor.

An interesting fact about the University that I discovered recently.

The first group to ever study abroad traveled to France on my birthday, July 7, 1923! (Just 62 years before MY birthday of course!)

The best thing to see or do when visiting campus

Check out Main Street! With tons of shops and cafes, Main Street is a great place to grab a bite, get some UD gear at one of the bookstores or do some really great people watching! A trip to UD just isn’t complete without a quick stop by Main Street.

Words of advice for a student who is applying.

Visit Campus! You are deciding to join a community for at least 4 years and you have to make sure you are entering a comfortable environment. You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it first! Visit campus to see if you feel good about the campus and can see yourself as a member of that community.

The coolest Delaware experience

There’s nothing like a Blue Hen Homecoming weekend. The BBQ’s, the shows, the amazing band, and of course those fighting Blue Hens! Feel the spirit, grab your blue and gold and join the magic that is UD Homecoming weekend.

Five “Firsts”

First Videogame - Top Gear on Super Nintendo

First Pet - My miniature schnauzer, Marlo

First Boradway Show - Fela!

First International Flight - In 1998 I traveled to Nigeria with my immediate family to my parent’s homeland

First sport I played growing up - Soccer with my Dad

Five favorite songs on my play list

“Never Too Much” by Luther Vandross

“Champion” by Kanye West

“Get By” by Talib Kweli

"Thieves in the Night” by Talib Kweli & Mos Def

"Refugee" by John Legend