Meet the staff1.

Christine Yang Schultz

Nickname: The Energizer Bunny

Hometown: Hollister, CA

Educational background

B.A., Integrated Biology, University of California, Berkeley (Go Bears!);

M.Ed. & Ed.D. Educational Leadership, University of Delaware (Go Blue Hens!)

Responsibilities &
recruitment territory

Coordinate the evaluation process for the office (i.e. the reading and evaluation of 27,000+ applications for freshman and transfer students). Chair the Scholarship Committee. Recruitment Territory: Most states on the west coast and Pacific Northwest (once a Californian, always a Californian, though I own no tie die nor do I own Birkenstocks). The Charter School of Wilmington and Salesianum School, in Delaware. I also get to work with international applicants.

How did I get my nickname?

I lead a busy and fulfilling life. Who has time to rest?!

An interesting fact about the University that I discovered recently.

UD students can apply to the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at the end of their junior year. Even those not admitted get a critical look at what they need to do to be more competitive. Bonus!

The best thing to see or do when visiting campus

Attend an Admissions Open House program. Delaware Discovery Days! Blue and Golden Saturdays! Delaware Decision Days! Food, Good conversation, good surroundings, thought provoking sessions. Good times.

Words of advice for a student who is applying.

Proofread your application, essays, and supplemental information. Also don't assume we know you and what makes you interesting. Always err on the side of elaborating when possible especially if you have done something really cool or had an experience you are particularly proud of.

The coolest Delaware experience

I love serving as a Marshall at Spring Commencement. It is awesome to see so many enthusiastic students graduate, and join our alumni family, in front of 20,000 family members and friends.

Five “Firsts”

First Concert - The Cure

First Husband - Dave (okay, only husband)

First 5K - Blue Hen run at UD's Forum & Reunion Weekend

First Cell Phone - at age 30 - can you imagine?

First Favorite Snack - Chips and salsa every time

Five favorite songs on my play list

I am terrible with song titles. I do sing along to Adele, Pink, the Black Eyed Peas, Maroon 5, and all things the cast of Glee sings!