University of Delaware Women's Club 2006 Woman of the Year

Terry Schooley

Terry Schooley and Veronica EidThe UDWC is very proud to announce the recipient of the 2005-06 Woman of the Year award  -  Terry Schooley.

It would be easy to dismiss Terry's volunteer efforts as the good deeds of a "preacher's wife."  However, Terry has gone far beyond her role of wife and mother.  she championed women's rights and campaigned for the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution in Kentucky, Indiana, and North Carolina to help women across the country.

However, it is her work right here in Delaware that makes her so special to us.  Terry has volunteered on countless boards and committees to improve education in Delaware.  Not only has she volunteered in her daughters' schools, she started the first After Prom at Newark High School in the late 1980's to keep children from participating in unsafe activities.  She went on to serve on the Christina School Board from 1994 until 2003, serving as the President.  And even after her retirement from the board, she facilitated the Task Force for Grade Configuration, which has led to our children being educated closer to home.  This prevents children from enduring long bus rides and maximizes the chances for parental involvement.

Education has not been Terry's only concern.  She is concerned about our children from the time they are born and all through their childhood.  She currently directs the KIDS COUNT project at the University of Delaware.   This project identifies problematic areas for children in Delaware
and seeks their causes.  Currently, one focus of the project has been to track the infant mortality rate in Delaware and determine the reasons it is higher than the national average.  Such research will hopefully allow more children to be born healthy and get a great start in life.

Politics also provides a means for Terry to better women's, children's and families' lives here in Delaware.  As a state representative, she uses her experience to bring together diverse viewpoints to create strong laws that protect us all.

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