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Student Telephones

Local telephone service is not provided for students living in University of Delaware residence halls.  For public safety needs, emergency telephones are located in hallways of the residence halls.  The University encourages students to bring individual mobile phone service for personal calling and explore the many available internet based voice and video calling services, including GoogleChat on 

All students are assigned a private voice mail for receiving messages.

Traditional private residence hall telephone service (local calling only) can  be activated by request. The local dialing area includes all of New Castle County, Delaware as well as Kemblesville and Landenberg, PA. Phone line features include voice mail, caller ID, call hold, universal forwarding utilizing the *72 featue access code, 3-way calling, and much more.

Students requesting phone service should e-mail with the following information:
Student Name:
Dorm name:
Room number:
University of Delaware e-mail address:
Contact phone number or private e-mail address:  (how can we reach you in the event there is a question on your order?)

Please note –Students must know their room number before ordering service. Missing information on the e-mail sent to UD Telephone Services will delay the installation of the phone service to the room.  All charges will be billed through your student account.

Fees: (non-refundable)
Phone line service fee, covers installation and service for Fall, Winter and Spring semesters - $250.00.
Phone line move - $100.00