Residence Hall Mail Delivery

Mail Delivery
Mail is delivered to all residence halls by the U.S. Postal Service (U.S. mail) and Campus Mail Services (inter-campus mail). The address format to use is:

Student Name
Room number – Full building name (i.e., 123 Rodney A)
Street address – Room number (if room number ends in A or B, do not hyphenate; i.e., 123A)
Newark, DE 19717 – XXXX (zip code)

U.S. Mail is delivered directly to the residence halls Monday through Saturday, when the residence halls are open. Please do not include University of Delaware in the address. It is important to use the correct full residence hall zip code. If the line “University of Delaware” is included, delivery may be delayed because the mail will go to Campus Mail Services first and is then delivered to the residence hall the next business day. Use the correct residence hall zip code 19717 –xxxx, not 19716.

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Perishables (i.e., flowers, refrigerated medications) should be sent only when prior arrangements with the residents have been made to arrange receipt.