University of Delaware: Campus Mail Services

Mail Categories

There are three categories of mail handled by the Campus Mail System:

Campus Mail
Interoffice communications and delivery of envelope-size items between offices. Campus mail does not require postage.

Courier Mail Service
Free mail service is available to many of the State offices throughout Delaware. When addressing the mail piece you must include a state location code as part of the address. A list of the State offices and their codes may be obtained from the State of Delaware website or by calling Campus Mail at extension 2158. This service is not available to private or parochial schools.

U.S. Mail
Off-campus mail for distribution through the U.S. Postal System. U.S. Mail requires the payment of postage and falls into the following classifications:

  • Registered Mail (items of high value with declared valuation only)
  • Certified Mail (signature control/proof of delivery)
  • Insured Mail (maximum insurance $5,000)
  • Express Mail (overnight delivery for domestic mail and 3rd day delivery to most foreign countries)
  • First Class Mail (delivery in two to five days)
  • Priority Mail (two-day delivery to most locations)
  • Periodicals (restricted to catalogs, magazines and newspaper mailings)
  • Standard Mail (bulk rate)
  • Package Services (includes Library Mail, Media Mail [formerly Book Rate], and Parcel Post)
  • Return Receipts (included with Registered, Certified, and Insured as proof of delivery)
  • International Mail (material mailed out through an international courier or through the U.S. Mail System. Names of foreign countries must be written in ENGLISH.)
  • Business Reply Permit Mail