What We Do

Campus Mail Services exists to provide the University community with the timely and accurate distribution and processing of all mail.

We strive to assist University personnel in a courteous and professional manner and ensure that all their correspondence is handled promptly within the structure of University policy and U.S. postal regulations.

Policy on the Use of Campus Mail Services

The University operates a substation for the distribution of regular mail to the campus received from the U.S. Postal Service. Mail received will be distributed to the designated office or person.

Concurrently, the University operates its own distribution service, commonly referred to as Campus Mail. This service provides for the in-house distribution of University business and printed matter of importance and relevance to approved University programs and services. The "Campus Mail" system, as a part of the University's facilities, is a restricted service. It is not available for the personal use of University employees or students, or for the personal use, private gain, or use by non-University groups or for the advertisement of programs not sponsored by the University.

Latest News

Packages shipped to the University before Move In - 2012

Packages may be sent to the University in advance of student move-in and should be addressed to
Student Name
222 S. Chapel Street Rm 133
Newark, DE 19716

Please address your package to:
Student Name
Room number – Full building name (i.e., 123 Rodney A)
c/o Campus Mail
222 South Chapel St Rm 133
Newark DE 19716

Packages will be stored until Move In Weekend and may be picked up
Saturday and Sunday, August 25-26, 12 noon to 3 p.m.
at the Trabant Package Center in 156 Trabant University Center

If you will be living on Laird Campus and you addressed your package with your room assignment, your package can be picked up at the Christiana Commons Package Room

Package Delivery during the academic year

Students living on East, Central or West campus will pick up their packages in the Trabant Package Center in Room 156 of Trabant. Students living on Laird Campus will retrieve packages at the Christiana Commons Info Desk. read more...

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