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Campus Delivery receives and delivers incoming freight. We receive shipments for the University from commercial carriers such as United Parcel Service, Federal Express and various trucking companies. These shipments are unloaded, sorted, then distributed to departments all over campus. 

We also transport packages from building to building on campus including University Printing printed materials, Data Entry packages, records storage boxes, telephone books and shredding.

Out-Going Shipments:

Campus Delivery handles outgoing shipments for the entire campus. We have a daily pick-up service from UPS, and process shipments for other carriers as well.

  • Goods must be packed carefully. Use adequate packing materials and tape closed securely.
  • Packages must be clearly addressed.
  • Personal shipments will no longer be accepted.

Shipment deadlines:

Carrier Time
UPS by 3pm for same-day shipment
FedEx Ground next day
FedEx Express by 3pm for same-day shipment

A completed Shipment Authorization form must accompany each shipment. Download the pdf form here.

International Shipments:

Be aware that international shipments will require extra paperwork, including a detailed description of the contents for customs and a declared value.

Packing and Addressing:

Please prepare your packages for shipment as follows:

The contents should be secured with bubble wrap or other appropriate material. (UPS requires 2 inches of material on each wall of the box.)

The box should be taped securely. (UPS requires the package to be cardboard or it will incur an extra charge.)

If you have any questions regarding package preparation, contact us via email (Chondra or Steve) or call us at 831-2157.

UD Forms:

Campus Delivery orders and stores UD forms and archive boxes which are available through a Central Stores request. We are responsible for filling and delivering orders to the campus community.


Campus Delivery maintains an area for the storage of surplus office furniture and computer equipment, which can be viewed and re-distributed to departments on campus. Please call ext. 2157 for availability of items. Note: All items will require transport by Movers Services unless other arrangements are made.

Shredding (Non-Archives):

  • Materials must be packed in boxes no larger than a standard paper box, taped securely closed, and marked clearly for shredding.
  • A Request for Services form must be completed.
  • Cost:  $4.50 per box.
  • 6 boxes or more will also require a Movers Services request.


For Pick-up: Call extension 2157. Give department, location, number of packages and destination on campus. This includes pick-ups for Archives storage or shredding. For 6 boxes or more, fill out a Movers Services request.

For Delivery: For shipments received that contains 6 or more boxes, you will be notified upon receipt. We will hold the shipment or assist you in making arrangements through Movers Services for delivery.