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The Department of Philosophy offers an undergraduate major, an honors undergraduate major, and an undergraduate minor in philosophy.

For major and minor requirements, consult the current UD Catalog. Also be sure to understand applicable University and College of Arts and Sciences requirements for a bachelor of arts degree as stated in the UD Catalog.

  • You are very welcome to contact the department with any questions about degrees or classes in philosophy.
  • Joel Pust coordinates undergraduate advising in the philosophy department.
  • For help or advice, philosophy majors should first contact their departmental faculty advisor.

You already know how useful a philosophy degree can be, but do you still need to justify your decision to concerned "You want to major in what?" parents? The University of Wellington has some ideas.


Elizabeth Anderson. 'Social Movements and Moral Progress'
Fri Nov 21. Gore 104

In a lecture presented by the American Philosophical Association, the Center for Science Ethics and Public Policy, and the Department of Philosophy, Elizabeth Anderson will draw lessons about moral progress from the movement of British abolitionists to end slavery.