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Philosophy resources
A good list of philosophy resources on Answers.com
Philosophy: What it is and why study it
The University of Wellington gives some views of what philosophy is, outlines some of the many benefits of pursuing a philosophy major or minor, and even has a list of famous philosophy majors.
The Philosophers' Magazine Online
Philosopical trivia, quotes, commentary, games, &c.
A biiiig collection of internet philosophy resources.
U Del library resources for philosophy
Especially recommended are Philosopher's Index (powerful search of philosophical publications) and JSTOR (full-text journal articles).


The internet encyclopedia of philosophy
Good general philosophical encyclopedia.
Encyclopedia of philosophy
Stanford's web encyclopedia project. A work already useful and still growing.

Student Journals

The Dualist
Stanford's undergrad philosophy journal. A good place to see examples of good undergrad philosophy papers.
JHU's undergrad philosophy journal. More good undergrad papers.

Academic support at U Del

Academic Services Center
A great first stop for a range of academic and personal support. If you aren't sure where to turn, try here first. "The Academic Services Center offers activities that provide undergraduate students with extensive academic assistance through individual and group tutoring, group study sessions, consultations, mentoring, academic success and study skills workshops, testing accommodations for students with learning disabilities and ADHD, and personal and social advising and referral assistance throughout the year. These programs and activities are designed to help students enhance their academic performance while pursuing their degree programs."
Writing Center
Free assistance with all aspects of writing. Their web site has guides and other resources to help your writing. You may also work with an experience writing instructor to develop good writing skills.
IT resources
What you need to know about computers, the U Del network, and other information technology resources.

Personal support at U Del

Center for Counseling and Student Development
Offering counseling and personal development services to individuals and groups.