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Freshperson seminar (PHIL 167 - 0 credits)

  • For philosophy majors declared when starting at UD
    • Taken in freshperson year

30 credits as follows:

  • Both of the following History of Philosophy courses (6 credits):
    • PHIL 301 Ancient Philosophy
    • PHIL 303 Modern Philosophy
  • The Logic requirement (3 credits):
    • PHIL 205 Logic
  • One of the following Ethics courses (3 credits):
    • PHIL 201 Social and Political Philosophy
    • PHIL 203 Ethics
  • One of the following Epistemology courses (3 credits):
    • PHIL 305 Twentieth Century Philosophy [see note]
    • PHIL 306 Philosophy of Science
    • PHIL 320 Theory of Knowledge
  • One of the following Metaphysics courses (3 credits):
    • PHIL 305 Twentieth Century Philosophy [see note]
    • PHIL 315 Metaphysics
    • PHIL 330 Philosophy of Mind
  • Plus:
    • PHIL 465 Senior Seminar (3 credits)
  • Three Philosophy Elective Courses (9 credits) to include:
    • One Three credit course at the 300 level or above
    • One Three credit course with multicultural content
  • Electives
    • After required courses are completed, sufficient elective credits must be taken to meet the minimum credit requirement for the degree.

Note: PHIL305 can be used to satisfy either the requirement in Epistemology or the requirement in Metaphysics, but not both. A student who takes PHIL305 must take at least one additional course from one of those two categories.

Some Points of Note

  • You must have a grade of C- or better in English 110, your second writing course, and all the courses that count toward your major and most minors. Grades below C- may be used to satisfy group (breadth) requirements, as free electives, and to meet the math and foreign languages requirements for the degree.
  • There is a limit of 45 hours in the number of credits in Philosophy that you can use toward your 124 hours.  Any courses cross-listed in other departments, and taken under their numbers, will be included in the 45 hour limit.  That is, you cannot go over 45 hours by taking a Womens Studies course cross-listed in Philosophy and trying to count it.  Running over 45 will extend the number of hours needed to graduate.
  • You must take the senior seminar, PHIL 465, and it is a second writing course.  Remember that second writing courses count as such only if you have completed 60 credits before taking them.  So, if you take PHIL 465 before you have completed 60 credits, it will not fulfill your second writing requirement, but will fulfill your Senior Seminar requirement.
  • We require one multicultural course.  This course may be Philosophy 204, 208, 216, 307, 309, 310#1 338 or any other course crosslisted with Black-American Studies, Jewish Studies or Women's Studies) or they may be taken in other departments, subject to the approval of your advisor.
  • Of the 30 hours counted for the major, 18 must be at the 300 level or above.  We require PHIL 301, 303, 305 or 320, 465, plus two additional courses at the 300 level or above.
  • Note that there are many philosophy courses that may be used to meet the breadth (group) requirements, as well as be counted toward the major.  Notice also that each of the groups requires work in at least two departments.
  • P/F courses may only be used as free electives, not to meet any of your requirements for the degree.  You are limited to one P/F course per semester, and 24 credits toward the degree.
  • Repeated courses count only once toward your degree.
  • Substitutions for the major requirements require the approval of the department chair.  Exceptions to other requirements require the approval of the Dean, and require substantial justification.