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Mark Greene

Philosophy Department Visiting and Adjunct Faculty

- All email addresses are @udel.edu -

Dana Flint dflint@
Lecturer PhD, Temple; MDiv, Yale

Philosophy of law, technology and society, ethics.
24 Kent Way 302-831-2359
Chris Largent Ideahse@aol.com
Lecturer PhD

15 Kent Way # 302-530-7447
David Schrader dschrade@
Lecturer PhD, U Mass, Amherst

Executive Director, American Philosophical Association. Ethics, Religion, Science.
31 Amstel Avenue 302-831-8691
Alan Smith asmith21@aol.com
Lecturer PhD

15 Kent Way #  
Alban Urbanas aurbanas@
Lecturer PhD

15 Kent Way #103 302-831-3464