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Motion Analysis Laboratory


8 camera
(60/120Hz) Vicon Workstation
Vicon Realtime System
2 mobile, Bertec Force Platforms
on Air Carriers
26 channel
Motion Lab System EMG system
Quinton treadmill
Instrumented Staircase with Bertec Force Platform

2 Panasonic video cameras
2 Sony VCRs (with frame by frame capability)
PEAK Perform-
ance video-based motion analysis system
Therapeutics Unlimited EMG system
6 channel Data Translation analog-to-digital board
custom designed computer-controlled torque motor-manipulandum system

326 McKinly

The MAL is a 2,354 square foot laboratory used for research in motor control and biomechanics and also the testing site for the the Running Injury Clinic.

Online Schedule


Irene McClay Davis, PT, PhD
  Lab phone 302-831-4646
Katherine Rudolph, PT, PhD
  Lab phone 302-831-8675
John P. Scholz, PT, PhD
  Lab phone 302-831-8666
Lynn Snyder-Mackler, PT, ScD
  Lab phone 302-831-8667
Darcy Reisman, PT, PhD
  Phone 302-831-8675

Happenings in the MAL

Visual3D Resources

Visual3D Getting Started manual
Product Overview and Features
Old Tutorial 3 Signal Processing
Tutorial 1 Model Building
Tutorial 2 Data Visualization
Tutorial 3 Command Processing Pipleline
Tutorial 4 Analysis Reporting



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