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The University of Delaware Physical Therapy Department sponsors a Case Round series for all physical therapists treating in the orthopedic community.  The purpose of the Case Rounds are to critically review the current literature on topics of particular interest to orthopedic patient care.  A patient case will be presented and articles on the patient topic will be discussed in relation to evidenced based practice in physical therapy.  We encourage participation and case submissions from the orthopedic community.  This program will be held at the University of Delaware Physical Therapy Clinic on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 7-8AM so that clinicians can return to their respective clinics in time for their morning patients. 

This Month's Case Rounds



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November, 2006, 7am

Sports Hernia


1. Simonet, W.T., et al. Abdominal Wall Muscle Tears in Hockey Players.


2. Morelli, Vincent. Groin Injuries in Athletes.


3. Hemingway, A.E., et al. Changes in Muscle Strength and Pain in Response to Surgical Repair of Posterior Abdominal Wall Disruption Followed by Rehabilitation. Foot Score.



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For more information, or if you are interested in joining, call Mark Baughman, PT, Orthopedic Resident at (302) 831-8522 or email baughman@UDel.Edu.