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Foreign Trained Applicants:

To become a resident at the University of Delaware a therapist must be eligible to be licensed in the state of Delaware. There is no way to determine eligibility in the state of Delaware until you apply to be evaluated by the state. They will require that an independent group evaluate your education program and it will then be reviewed by the board to determine equivalency with an accredited program in the United States.

The State of Delaware can be contacted by phone at (302)739-4522. They can also be contacted via e-mail at:

Once you obtain approval from the State of Delaware Physical Therapy Board that you are deemed eligible for licensure in the State, you are then eligible to apply to the University of Delaware Residency Training Program.

Enclosed with the application should be:
  . Copy of the DE State Eligibility Approval
  . Copy of current Visa documents












301 McKinly Lab, Newark, DE 19716 Ph: 302-831-8893, Fax: 302-831-4234