Vol. 18, No. 21Feb. 25, 1999

Student meets Desmond Tutu

Stephanie Rys (left), a junior majoring in hotel, restaurant and institutional management, was on the planning team for Celebrate III, a four-day ecumenical gathering of college students in Ridgecrest, N.C., from Dec. 30-Jan 3.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu (right), South African Nobel peace laureate, was the main speaker at the event, sponsored by the Council for Ecumenical Student Christian Ministry, and attended by more than 1,300 students, campus ministers and chaplains from six continents.

Tutu spoke on the theme of the conference, "What Does the Lord Require of You?," stressing that humility was the first prerequisite for an authentic religious existence.

He also expressed his thanks for the activism of young people, who helped bring about the eradication of apartheid in South Africa.

Rys, vice president of the UD Episcopal Campus Ministry, is one of eight students serving on the Episcopal Church's National Student Leadership Team, representing college and university students from Province III of the Episcopal Church, which includes Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia.

She is the daughter of Gail Rys, education.