Vol. 18, No. 21Feb. 25, 1999


William H. Meyer, political science and international relations, "Confirming Infirming and 'Falsifying' Theories of Human Rights," in Human Rights Quarterly, vol. 21, no. 1, February.

Xiang-Gen Xia, electrical and computer engineering, "Doppler Ambiguity Resolution Using Optimal Multiple Pulse Repetition Frequencies," in Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, vol. 35, pages 371-380, January.


Donald L. Peters, Amy Rextrew Professor of Family Studies and Public Policy, "Raising Expectations for School Performance of Students with Moderate to Severe Cognitive Disabilities," at Pacific Rim Conference on Disabilities, Feb. 2, University of Hawaii, Honolulu; "Raising Standards and Expectations for the Education of Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities," at Council for Exceptional Children, Division of Mental Retardation and Other Developmental Disabilities, sixth annual conference, Feb. 4, Maui.

Members of the departments of Animal and Food Sciences and Plant and Soil Sciences made three presentations at the 1999 Southern Poultry Science Meeting, Jan. 18-19, Atlanta: W.W. Saylor and G.W. Malone, animal and food sciences, with Tom Sims and M-F Lavahun, plant and soil sciences, "Effects of Microbial Phytase, High Available Phosphorus Corn and Dietary Phosphorus Level on Broiler Production and Environmental Quality: 1. Effects on Broiler Performance, 2. Effects on Skeletal Characteristics and 3. Effects on Broiler Litter Composition." The four researchers also made a presentation at the BASF Technical Symposia on Poultry Nutrition and Waste Management, Jan. 19: "Use of Phytase Enzyme Supplements and High Available Phosphorus Corn to Improve Poultry Production Environmental Quality: Implications for the Sustainability of the Poultry Industry on the Delmarva Peninsula."

Martha Carothers, art, "Bookmaking: Same Components, Different Intent," Traffic on the Fine Lines of Graphic Design, College Art Association conference, Feb. 14, Los Angeles.

Timothy Brooks, dean of students, "Alcohol Related Issues on Campus," at International Association of Chiefs of Police, Summit II, Feb. 3, Palm Coast, Fla.; "The Delaware Plan to Stem the Tide of Alcohol Abuse," at Eckerd College, Feb. 5, St. Petersburg; and "Association for Student Judicial Affairs: The Pros and Cons of Notifying Parents of Disciplinary Action," Feb. 6, Clearwater Beach, Fla.

Tom Sims, plant and soil sciences, "Nutrient Mass Balance Analyses for Delaware: Planning for a Sustainable Agriculture," at Delaware Association of Conservation Districts annual meeting, Jan. 21, Dover.


Gordon J. DiRenzo, sociology, was re-appointed to the affiliate staff of St. Francis Hospital, Wilmington.

Monika Shafi, foreign languages and literatures, was elected the Modern Language Association Delegate Assembly for a three-year term.

John W. Gillespie Jr., Center for Composite Materials, was named to the National Research Council's Board on Manufacturing and Engineering Design. The board provides guidance on leading issues in manufacturing that derive from technical considerations with implications for national policy.

Happy anniversary

25 Years

Monroe M. Givens, Information Technologies, media services, March 1, 1974

20 Years

Dorothy W. Lehman, University Writing Center, March 1, 1979

Lawrence E. Logan, Facilities Management, plumbing services, Feb. 26, 1979

10 Years

Crystal K. Cox, Graphic Communications Center, Feb. 28, 1989

Janette L. Humphrey, student housing, housing assignments, March 1, 1989

Marie E. Roberts, library, March 1, 1989

Karin D. Saunders, Facilities Administration, operations center, Feb. 27, 1989

Stephanie G. Shields, health and exercise science, March 1, 1989

Marlyn A. Webb, Agriculture Research Education Center, March 1, 1989

5 Years

Marlene G. Emara, animal and food sciences, March 1, 1994

Eileen Garland, Information Technologies/User Services, March 1, 1994

Gregg A. Silvis, library, March 1, 1994

Lisa M. Stiegler, Public Safety, Feb. 28, 1994

Marsha Joanne Watson, Residential and Conference Facilities, shops, Feb. 28, 1994