Vol. 17, No. 32May 21, 1998

Employees honored for nearly four thousand years of service

At the annual service awards dinner May 14, the University recognized 163 University employees whose total service to UD equaled nearly 4,000 years. In addition, 63 UD retirees with almost 1,400 years at the University were honored and two teams, made up of 17 employees, received special recognition as 1998 Innovation Award recipients.

The 163 dedicated employees-who have worked at UD for 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years-were responsible for accomplishements during a total of 3,955 years of combined service.

President David Roselle called the statistics "remarkable," especially considering today's fast-paced, highly mobile society. Today, fewer Americans retire from the same company or business where they began their working careers.

"People don't stay in jobs just for the pay and benefits," he said, "even when they are as good as those at the University of Delaware. Salary and benefits may attract people to apply and accept an offer of employment.

"But, employees won't stay at an institution unless they feel that they are making a valued and valuable contribution to something greater than themselves. As evidenced by your committed service, you do feel that way, and we are truly appreciative of your commitment to the UD family."

The president acknowledged the long-term employees' contributions to the University's many noteworthy accomplishments-a student-oriented philosophy, new campus construction and enhancements to the physical plant, technological innovations and national recognition.

"Recognition for UD," he told the employees, " is a reflection of you and your contributions, as well as on the institution itself. Never underestimate your role in the achievements we have made."

Following is a list of this year's service award honorees.

40 years

George F. Haenlein, animal and food sciences

Robert R. Jordan, Delaware Geological Survey

Robert H. Wood,chemistry and biochemistry

35 years

Robert M. Hannah, Intercollegiate Athletics Program

Barbara J. Kelly, Intercollegiate Athletics Program

Edward H. Kerner, physics and astronomy

Ronald E. Martin, English

Jon H. Olson, chemical engineering

Jerome Siegel, psychology

Robert M. Stark, mathematical sciences

Richard J. Weinacht, mathematical sciences

30 Years

Louis A. Arena, linguistics

Roland H. Bonsall, Facilities Management

Raymond A. Callahan, arts and science

Vicki W. Cherry, computer and information sciences

John M. Clayton, University development

Eleanor D. Craig, economics

Frank B. Dilley, philosophy

Joachim G. Elterich, food and resource economics

Alice P. Eyman, individual and family studies

John H. Gil, accounting

Kevin J. Kerrane, English

Peter B. Leavens, geology

Albert E. Livingston, mathematical sciences

Fred A. Masterson, psychology

Donald H. Meyer, history

Ruth S. Mulford, University Parallel Program- Georgetown

Burnaby Munson, chemistry and biochemistry

James E. Newton, Black American Studies Program

John S. Pierce, Facilities Management

William E. Pulliam, history

Doreen E. Ricketts, Dining Services

William Ross, Dining Services

Robert A. Rothman, sociology

Elaine B. Safer, English

Stanley I. Sandler, Henry Belin du Pont Professor of Chemical Engineering

Frank R. Scarpitti, sociology

Steven D. Skopik, biological sciences

Victor Spinski, art

Allan M. Thompson, geology

William H. Williams, University Parallel ProgramGeorgetown

25 Years

Rick Armitage, government relations

Mary G. Asbury, Facilities Management

Sally Bould, sociology

Richard E. Bowman, administrative services

Patsy A. Boyd, Graphic Communications Center

John A. Brennan, public relations

L. Leon Campbell, Hugh M. Morris Research Professor of Molecular Biosciences

Thomas M. Church, marine studies

Judy W. Crescenzi, continuing education/associate provost's office

Lawrence A. Curtis, University Parallel Program- Georgetown

Kenneth W. Eckhardt, sociology

C. Michael Eggert, Facilities Management

Hans Gass, University Media Services

Anne K. Graham, art

James C. Green, Information Technologies/Management Information Services

Kenneth C. Haas, criminal justice

David J. Hallenbeck, mathematical sciences

Keith A. Handling, health and exercise sciences

John K. Hoffman, Residential and Conference Facilities

Ann M. Holloway, library

Mary A. Imperatore, philosophy

Wayne C. Jarrell, Intercollegiate Athletics Program

Charles M. Kopay, University Parallel Program- Georgetown

Roma A. Lewis, Residential and Conference Facilities

Peter J. McCarthy, music

Katharine M. McCormick, Benefits Services

Catherine McLaughlin, arts and science

Samuel L. Merrick, psychology

Jeanie Miles, alumni and University relations

Robert L. Paretta, accounting

Richard L. Poole, Graphic Communications Center

Gail E. Ranieri, public relations

Douglas P. Ridge, chemistry and biochemistry

Lisa M. Robinson, Public Safety

John K. Rosenberger, animal and food sciences

Joy G. Sparks, Cooperative Extension

Nancy G. Starkey, Residential and Conference Facilities

John H. Talley, Delaware Geological Survey

Stephen G. Tanis, art

Barbara L. Viera, Intercollegiate Athletics Program

Carol J. Vukelich, educational development

John F. Wehmiller, geology

Bernice B. Weinacht, University registrar

20 Years

William E. Acquard, Dining Services

Dennis S. Allabaugh, Residential and Conference Facilities

Joseph F. Almondo, Facilities Management

Michael A. Arenson, music

Arthur A. Baeckel, engineering

Timothy K. Barnekov, Center for Community Development and Family Programs

Ruth A. Barrow, Public Safety

Betty S. Blevins, library

Dwight Brokenbrough, Residential and Conference Facilities

Joan L. Brown, foreign languages and literatures

Wayne A. Buchanan, energy conversion

Michael E. Cale, mail service

Gwendolyn R. Cale, Residential and Conference Facilities

Violet L. Cale, Dining Services

Susan J. Campbell, biological sciences

Mary C. Carroll, nursing

Laurena Carter, Dining Services

Valerie A. Davenport, Dining Services

Susan A. Davi, library

Robert R. Davis, alumni and University relations

Brenda L. Davis, Information Technologies/Network and Systems Services

Carol R. Denson, consumer studies

Costel D. Denson, Office of the Vice Provost for Research

Franklin Devonshire, Facilities Management

John E. Dohms, animal and food sciences

Charles R. Dorsey, Dining Services

Gary L. Ebert, mathematical sciences

John W. Ewart, marine studies

Richard W. Garvine, marine studies

Frederick B. Getze, library

Jackson F. Gillespie, accounting

Elane G. Girgis, Dining Services

Nicolas P. Gross, foreign languages and literatures

Linda L. Hammond, Dining Services

Steven E. Hastings, food and resource economics

Bernard L. Herman, art history

J. Sharon Hoffecker, chemistry and biochemistry

Saul D. Hoffman, economics

Lisa C. Huber, arts and science

Luther F. Hylton, Dining Services

Patricia W. Jeffery, arts and science

Janet B. Johnson, political science and international relations

Walter E. Kee, plant and soil sciences

Vivian Z. Klaff, sociology

John L. Kmetz, business administration

J. A. Leo Lemay, Winterthur Professor of English

Mary A. Miller, nursing

Sandra E. Miller, Facilities Management

Vern M. Morris, Dining Services

George W. Mulford, instructional technology

M. Zuhair Nashed, mathematical sciences

Cynthia R. Neff, Public Safety

Patricia T. Nelson, food and resource economics

Barry R. Paisley, Facilities Management

Betty J. Paulanka, health and nursing sciences

Charles H. Pelletier, Facilities Management

Victoria J. Penn, Graphic Communications Center

Timothy F. Pfeiffer, marine studies

Ellen I. Pifer, English

Thompson D. Pizzolato, plant and soil sciences

Marianna K. Preston, public relations

Ronald W. Reisor, network and systems services

Mearl E. Roberts, University development

Erwin M. Saniga, business administration

Karen E. Schaeffer, consumer studies

Anna F. Schrader, Internal Auditing

Matthew M. Shipp, continuing education

Leslie C. Skeen, psychology

Paul L. Solano, urban affairs

Cynthia H. Spellman, University Honors Program

Damie Stillman, John W. Shirley Professor of Art History

Arthur J. Sundberg, marine studies

Howard E. Sweetman, Residential and Conference Facilities

Richard T. Sylves, political science and international relations

Susan M. Tkachick, Office of the Vice Provost for Research

Muriel I. Toomey, plant and soil sciences

Lucille E. Waters, Facilities Management

Richard G. Weber, entomology and applied ecology

Mary L. Zagar, Student Health Services