Vol. 17, No. 30May 7, 1998

Undergraduate research to be showcased on May 9

The University of Delaware's 13th annual Undergraduate Research Symposium, which is the culmination of the senior thesis course for an honors degree and a degree with distinction, will be held Saturday, May 9, in various rooms at the Perkins Student Center.

Free and open to the public, the symposium begins with a session of scientific posters and art exhibits from 9-10 a.m. in the Art Gallery. At 10:15 a.m., the Plenary Session will begin. Keynote speaker will be Jennie Nerenberg, senior research chemist in the medical chemistry department at Merck Research Laboratories, who earned an Honors Degree at UD in 1987.

From 11 a.m.-12:15 p.m., students will make oral presentations in concurrent sessions.

Poster sessions

The scheduled poster sessions and presenters include:

David Williams, an art history major, working with John Stevens Crawford, art history-"Transformation and Continuity in Late Antiquity: Imperial Adventures and the Entrance of Christ into Jerusalem."

William F. Stafford, a philosophy major, working with Alan Fox, philosophy-"An Examination of Wang B's 'Loa Zi Zhi Lu' Metaphysics and Language."

Tiffany Goldy, an animal science major, working with John Dohms, animal and food sciences-"Expression of mycoplasma gallisepticum cytadhesin."

Jennifer Massey, an athletic training major, working with Michael Higgins, health and exercise sciences-"The Comparison of two Accepted Manual Muscle Testing Techniques of Biceps Femoris Muscle."

Marie Gravatt, a biology major, working with Roland Roth, entomology and applied ecology, and Mark P. Keese, biological sciences- "Sex Ratios of Juvenile Woodthrush: A Test of Sex Allocation Theory."

John Brian Hutchison, a chemical engineering major, working with Michael Klein, chemical engineering-"Environmental Reaction Chemistry: Catalyzed Nitrile Hydrolysis."

Lora Barnhart, a biochemistry major, working with Harold White, chemistry and biochemistry-"Comma-freeness as a Consequence of Selection for Speed in Translation."

Dolly Batra, a biochemistry major, working with Douglas Taber, chemistry and biochemistry-"Synthesis of Cyclic Chirons."

Jennifer Kern, a chemistry major, working with Eugene Mueller, chemistry and biochemistry-"Determination of the Location of nuvA in the Genome of escherichia coli."

Armando L. Caro Jr., a computer science major, working with Paul Amer, computer and information sciences-"Delivering Multimedia Presentations Over the Internet Faster."

Erin Monaco, a wildlife conservation major, working with Douglas Tallamy, entomology and applied ecology-"Hormonal Regulation of the Egg Dumping Behavior in Gargaphia solani."

Kellie Ross, an entomology major, working with Clifford Keil, entomology and applied ecology-"Utilization of Wood Cellulose by Trichoderma harzianum."

Nancy Wingler, an animal science major, working with Clifford Keil, entomology and applied ecology-"Resistance Mechanisms of the European Corn Borer to CryIA(b) toxin of Bacillus thuringiensis."

Boonyarit Intiyot, a mathematical sciences major, working with Renate Scheidler, mathematical sciences-"Provably Secure Public-key Cryptosystems."

Patti Powers, an economics major, working with Charles Link, economics- "Why Do Men Earn More Than Women?"

Kelly Travis, a physical education studies major, working with William Shearer, health and exercise sciences-"Free Throw Performance in Response to Simulated Crowd Noise."


Oral presentations are scheduled from 11 a.m.-noon.


Kirkwood Room

Melanie Archbold, a dietetics major, working with Nancy Cotugna, nutrition and dietetics-"Validation of a Seven-item Fruit and Vegetable Food Frequency Questionnaire in a College Population."

Lisa Jay, a dean's scholar in psychology, working with Walid Afifi, communication-"The Impact of Patient Expectations on the Effectiveness of Genetic Counselors."

Andrea Mancini, a psychology major, working with Carroll Izard Unidel Professor of Psychology-"Assessing the Role of Emotion in the Hostile Attributional Biases of Young Children."

Creative writing

Blue and Gold Room

Elizabeth Borkowski, an English major, working with Bernard Kaplan, English-"Free Samples of Short Fiction."

Sara K. Morriss, an English major, working with Cruce Stark, English-"Stories in the First Part."

Literature/history/art history

Collins Room

Hiliary Rhodes Bailey, a French major, working with Theodore Braun, foreign languages and literatures-"Chaos Theory Applied to 'Jacques le fataliste et son maitre.'"

Beverly K. Mills, a history major, working with Steven Sidebotham, history, and John Stephens Crawford, art history-"Applications of Methodologies and Philosophies to Greek Sculpture and Architecture from 5th-7th Centuries, B.C."

Joycelyn Trachtenberg, an English major, working with Julian Yates, English- "Transforming the Woman Warrior: The Impact of an Enduring Myth on the Identifying Politics of Women."

Daniel Steinberg, a history major, working with Eugene McCarraher, history- "Labor in Three Dimensions: The Reportage of the 1930s."

Political science/international relations/criminal justice

Alumni Lounge

Jeffrey Lewis, a political science major, working with Joseph Pika, political science and international relations-"President Clinton's Decision to Sign the 1996 Welfare Reform Bill."

Matthew J. Fouse, an international relations major, working with Mark Miller, political science and international relations-"Guatemalans in Georgetown: Problems of International Migration and Integration."

Adam Gershowitz, a criminal justice major, working with Kenneth Haas, criminal justice-"The Unfriendly Approach to Actual Innocence: Why a Re-evaluation of Herrera vs Collins Is a Matter of Life or Death."

Biological sciences

Rodney Room

Kate Gustavsen, a biotechnology major, working with John Gallagher, marine studies-"Genetic Transformation of Atriplex triangularis (seaside greens) sing Agrobacterium tumefaciens and the p35GUSint Ti plasmid."

Joseph Lesley, a biochemistry major, working with Diane Herson, biological sciences-"Toluene Induced Filamentation in pseudomonas putida mt-2 (pWWO)."

Christopher Sprague, a biology major, working with Mark Keese, biological sciences-"Impact of Land Use on Macroinvertebrate Community Structure of Middle Run and Pike Creek, New Castle County, Delaware."

Geophysics/electrical engineering chemical engineering

Ewing Room

Kristoffer Walker, a geophysics major, working with Susan McGeary, geology- "The Evolution of the North Aleutian Basin: Constraints from Seismic Relection Data."

Kristin Streilein, an electrical engineering major, working with Darren Vengroff, electrical engineering-"Microarchitectural Simulation Tools."

Aaron Sin, a chemical engineering major, working with Stuart Cooper, H. Rodney Sharp Professor of Chemical Engineering-"Biocompatibility of Polyurethanes."


Art Gallery

John P. Bilello, a biochemistry major, working with Mary Beth Miele, medical technology-"The Role of a 67-kDa Protein in Human Malignant Melanoma Metastatis."

Joseph Phillips, a physics major, working with George Hadjipanayis, physics and astronomy-"Magnetic and Structural Properties of Fe-oxide Nanoparticles."

Jill Trafton, a chemistry major, working with Murray Johnston, chemistry and biochemistry-"Secondary Structure of Oligonucleotides Using