Vol. 17, No. 30May 7, 1998


Kenneth Koford, economics, with Eric Grelak, BE '96, "A Re-Examination of the Fiorina-Plott and Eavey Voting Experiments: How Much Do Cardinal Payoffs Influence Outcomes?" in Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, vol. 32, pages 571-589.

Lian-Ping Wang, mechanical engineering, with Anthony Wexler, mechanical engineering, and graduate student Yong Zhou, "On the Collision Rate of Small Particles in Isotropic Turbulence. II. Finite Inertia Case," in Physics of Fluids, vol. 10, no. 5, pages 1206-1216.

Paul R. Berger and James Kolodzey, electrical and computer engineering, with students Xiaoping Shao, S.L. Rommel, B.A. Orner, H. Feng, M.W. Dashiell and R.T. Troeger and with Thomas Laursen of Arizona State University, "1.3 Micron Photoresponsivity in Si-Based Ge-{1-x}C-{x} Photodiodes," in Applied Physics Letters, vol. 72, pages 1860-1862.

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Paul R. Berger, electrical and computer engineering, with Al-Sameen Khan and Nareen Wright of Delaware State University and Fernando J. Guarin and Subramanian S. Iyer of IBM, "Photoluminesence of SiSnC Alloys Grown on (100) Substrates," at Materials Research Society spring meeting, April 13-17, San Francisco.

Dennis H. Evans, chemistry and biochemistry, "Studies of the Mechanism of Electrogeneration of Nucleophilic Anions by Reduction of C-H, N-H, O-H and S-H Bonds," at 10th Euchem meeting on organic electrochemistry, April 15-19, Agelonde, La Londe Les Maures, France, and "Mechanisms for Electrochemical Reduction of Weak Acids," April 21, Institute for Organic Chemistry, University of Tubingen, Germany.

Marian Lief Palley, political science and international relations, "A Women's Health Agenda for the 21st Century," at the Midwest Political Science Association meeting, April 16, Chicago.

Mary E. Miele, medical technology, "PTEN/MMAC1 Does Not Suppress Tumorigenicity or Metastasis in C8161 Human Melanoma Cell," at American Association for Cancer Research 89th annual meeting, April 1, New Orleans.

Cynthia Carr and Julie Nishimura, music, "Music for Horn and Piano by Women Composers," a recital, at fifth Festival of Women Composers, March 18, Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Ed Okonowicz, public relations, a program on Delmarva's disappearing culture and folkways, at U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Conservation Service, April 23, Dover.


Mary Ann McLane, medical technology, served as general co-chairman for the 63rd annual spring meeting of the Pennsylvania Society for Clinical Laboratory Science, April 19-22, Valley Forge, Pa. Three other societies were included in the event, the Pennsylvania State Society of American Medical Technologists, the Pennsylvania Association of Blood Banks and the Philadelphia Section of the American Society of Clinical Chemistry.


Richard Gaw, student housing, wrote and directed a play, Farther, which won the 56th annual Delaware State Play Festival, March 14, at the Everett Theatre, Middletown. Gaw also appeared as a member of the play's three-member cast.

Happy anniversary

25 Years

Mary G. Asbury, Facilities Management, building services, May 14, 1973

Mary A. Imperatore, philosophy, May 11, 1973

10 Years

Deborah A. See, mathematical sciences, May 9, 1988