President stresses importance of institution's partnerships
Vol. 17, No. 27April 16, 1998

President stresses importance of institution's partnerships

Partnerships between students and faculty, faculty and faculty and faculty and their University make for what could be termed a mutual-inspiration society," President David Roselle told his audience Monday at the semiannual faculty meeting.

Emphasizing the theme of partnerships throughout his speech, Roselle spoke of the importance of relationships that the University maintains with the state, federal government, corporations, foundations, alumni and friends. "As I stand in this magnificent new building that we'll dedicate later this month, it's nice to reflect for a moment on the relationship with the Gores that made this classroom facility possible," he said.

The willingness of the University's faculty to involve undergraduates in their scholarly research was a major factor in UD's newest Rhodes Scholar Douglas de Lorenzo choosing Delaware over other institutions, Roselle said. De Lorenzo has said that "the University has allowed me to pretend I was a graduate student." De Lorenzo's accomplishments exemplify a focus at the University on undergraduate research and discovery-based learning, Roselle said.

"Last year," Roselle said, "I announced a new and additional goal for my administration-carefully considered programmatic improvements-and especially increased support for undergraduate research." Interest in undergraduate research has gained momentum campus-wide since 1990, he said, with more than 90 percent of all engineering, biological and physical science professors now participating. Roselle pointed out that several special classrooms in Gore Hall were designed for this sort of discovery-based learning.

"Faculty members who have supervised individual undergraduates have gained insights into the learning process, and they have brought this knowledge to bear in the classroom," he said. "A strong relationship enriches all the partners.

"And, those partnerships are further strengthened through your relationships with granting organizations, foundations and corporations supporting your scholarly investigations-in fields ranging from accounting to plant science, from medical technology to composites, from art conservation to marine studies."

In celebration of the University's special relationship with the Gore family, Roselle invited the faculty to attend the dedication of Gore Hall, to be held in Mitchell Hall, Saturday, April 25, beginning at 2:30 p.m.