Vol. 17, No. 27April 16, 1998


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Joseph DiMartile, registrar's office, David Hollowell, executive vice president, and Carl Jacobson, Information Technologies/Management Information Services, "Moving Toward a Student-Centered Learning Environment," at Society for College and University Planning, mid-Atlantic regional meeting, March 27, Annapolis.

Kathy Schneider, English Language Institute, and Gabriele Bauer, Center for Teaching Effectiveness, "Department-Based ITA Training Program Models," at annual TESOL convention, March, Seattle.

Dewey M. Caron, entomology and applied ecology, beekeeping short courses, Feb. 28 at University of Maryland's Wye Research and Education Center, March 13-14 at Pennsylvania State University's Beaver campus and March 28 at Maine State University; and presentations on roadside honey price survey, March 3 at Apiary Inspectors of America meeting, Beltsville, Md., with undergraduate student Maryann Li, March 21 at Delaware State Beekeepers meeting at Georgetown Research and Education Center and March 27 at Maine State Beekeepers meeting, Portland.

Billy P. Glass, geology, with Christian Koeberl, University of Vienna, "Spherules from Upper Eocene Sediments at ODP Hole 689B, Maud Rise, Antarctica," at 29th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, March 16-20, Johnson Space Center, Houston.

Several members of the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences made presentations at the Potomac Division, American Phytopatholotical Society meeting, March 18-20, West Virginia University, Morgantown: R.B. Carroll, D.P. Whittington and M. Sedegui, USAID/MAPP fellow, with R.A. Hamlen and R. Power of the DuPont Co., "Comparison of Assays for Measuring Sensitivity of Phytophthora infestans to Fungicides"; Carroll, A.L. Morehart and Sedegui with S.H. Kim of Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, "Characterization of Phytophthora infestans Isolates from Potato and Tomato in Morocco"; and Carroll, M. VanGessel, Whittington and graduate assistant L.M. Sosnoskie, "Kernel Rot in Irrigated and Non-Irrigated Corn as Related to Common Lambsquarters Densities," a poster; and R.P. Mulrooney, "Extension/Industry Issues." Carroll and T.A. Evans served on the distinguished service award committee and Mulrooney served on the program and graduate student award committees.

R. Rogers Kobak, psychology, "Attachment and Dating Competence," at Society for Research on Adolescence conference, Feb. 27-March 1, San Diego.

Robert L. Hampel, educational development, "How Teachers Combine Caring and High Expectations," at Institute for Educational Inquiry, March 22, University of Washington, Seattle.

Melinda K. Duncan, biological sciences, "Germ Cell Deficient Mice as Animal Models of Premature Ovarian Failure and Sertoli Cell Only Syndrome," at first international conference on genetic origins of premature ovarian failure, April 2-4, Bethesda, Md.

Susan Foster, Information Technologies, "Information Technologies as a Strategic Resource in Higher Education," at Council of Independent Colleges information technology workshop, March 26.

Tsu-Wei Chou, Jerzy L. Nowinski Professor of Mechanical Engineering, an invited lecture, at Workshop on Materials for the Infrastructure, April 1-3, Institute for Mechanics and Materials, University of California, San Diego.

Fred Hofstetter, instructional technology, Madeline Lambrecht, health and nursing sciences, Albert Cavalier, educational studies, Diane Ferry, business administration, Sandra Millard, library, and Mary Pritchard, continuing education, a panel discussion and demonstration of SERF, web-based course delivery system, at seminar on electronic library services for distance learners, Feb. 10, Clayton Hall.


Kenneth Koford, economics, named editor of the Eastern Economic Journal, effective this summer.

R.P. Mulrooney, plant and soil sciences, elected vice president of the Potomac Division, American Phytopathological Society.

William Latham, economics, and Steven Hastings, agricultural economics, co-editors of Review of Regional Studies.

Gabriele Bauer, Center for Teaching Effectiveness, appointed to a three-year term as chairperson of the TESOL interest section for international teaching assistants.

Happy anniversary

25 Years

Richard Lee Poole, Graphic Communications Center, April 11, 1973

20 Years

Wayne A. Buchanan, energy conversion, April 20, 1978

Cynthia R. Neff, Public Safety, April 17, 1978

10 Years

Richard Tarpley, marine studies, April 16, 1988

John Gleasner, Graphic Communications Center, April 18, 1988

Janine M. Hobday, history, April 18, 1988

5 Years

Susan Borst, library, April 12, 1993

Patricia Lesniczak, library, April 16, 1993

Colby L. Smith, Agriculture Research and Education Center, April 14, 1993


Thomas B. Brill, chemistry and biochemistry, $24,667 from California Institute of Technology for "Novel Energetic Materials to Stabilize Rockets."

Steven D. Brown, chemistry and biochemistry, $24,926 from the University of Washington for "Novel Methods for Transfer of Standards in Multivariate Calibration."

John M. Byrne, human resources, education and public policy, $100,000 from W. Alton Jones Foundation for "Joint Institute for Sustainable Energy Future."

Joan Del Fattore, English, $12,000 from the Spencer Foundation for "The Controversy over Religious Speech in Public Schools."

Francis J. Doyle, chemical engineering, $53,914 from Purdue University for "Neurobiologically Inspired Approaches to Nonlinear Process Control and Modeling."

Vernese E. Edghill, Center for Black Culture, $1,500 from Delaware Humanities Forum for "Hip Hop Rap and Cultural Values Part 4; Lecture by Dr. Michael Dyson-From God to Gangsta Rap."

Kevin J. Folliard and Michael Chajes, civil and environmental engineering, and John W. Gillespie Jr., composite materials, $10,000 from Kapejo Inc. and $10,000 from state under the Delaware Research Partnership program for "Evaluation of Fiber-reinforced Concrete Properties."

Conrado M. Gempesaw, food and resource economics, $4,278 from the University of Maine for "The Insurability of Direct Sale Perishable Crops in the Northeast."

Eric W. Kaler, chemical engineering, $120,000 from Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for "Increasing the Number of Ph.D.'s in Mathematics, Science and Engineering Awarded to Underrepresented Minority Students."

Laurence S. Kalkstein, geography, $25,000 from Johns Hopkins University for "An Integrated Assessment of the Impacts of Global Climate Change."

Clifford B. Keil, entomology and applied ecology, $37,850 from Pennsylvania State University for "Flies and Mites as Vectors of Trichoderma Green Mold."

Hoe I. Ling, civil and environmental engineering, $20,000 from New Technology Research and Development Association for "Study on Cyclic Behavior of Geosynthetics."