High-flying winner
Vol. 17, No. 26April 2, 1998

High-flying winner

Nathan Cowall picks up his airline ticket voucher from Dick Walter, Facilities Management, and Cheryl Pini, University Travel Services. Cowall, a junior from Salisbury, Md., was the winner of a contest conducted during the recent Energy Conservation/Awareness Fair.

The prize, good for the Delta Airlines destination of his choice, is for guessing correctly how many in-state tuition bills it takes to pay the annual University utility bill- including electricity, heating, fuels, water and sewer costs.

The total cost of UD's 1996-97 utility bill was $10,655,063. With in-state tuition at $4,120, the correct answer 2,586.18. Cowall's winning entry was 2,400.

Photo by Jack Buxbaum