Annual service awards luncheon honors 384 employees
Vol. 17, No. 26April 2, 1998

Annual service awards luncheon honors 384 employees

A service awards luncheon was held March 25 in the Trabant University Center to recognize the accomplishments and commitment of long-term UD employees with 15, 10 and five years of service.

President David Roselle addressed the large gathering, which honored 77 employees with 15 years of service, 185 employees with 10 years of service and 122 employees who have worked at the University for five years.

Their total service to the University amounted to 3,615 years.

Following are those honored at this year's service awards luncheon.

15 Years

Dorothy A. Amsler, Information Technologies/User Services
Deborah C. Andrews, English
Gonzalo R. Arce, electrical and computer engineering
Robert B. Barker, business and economics
Mark A. Barteau, chemical engineering
Patricia E. Blackson, Purchasing
Allen R. Boulden, Residential and Conference Facilities
James H. Brown, Facilities Management
Susan L. Buckman, labor relations
John M. Byrne, human resources, education and public policy
Jacqueline B. Caleb, cashier
H. Perry Chapman, art history
Barbara A. Cole, Office of the Archivist
Dennis C. Collins, physics and astronomy
Jon A. Conrad, music
Joan M. Couch, health and exercise sciences
Evans Coursey, Information Technologies/Network and Systems Services
Deanna M. Creswell, Residential and Conference Facilities
Juanita S. Crook, residence life
Rudolph D'Souza, business and economics, finance
Gloria W. Davis, affirmative action and multicultural programs
Timothy W. Deering, marine studies
Prasad Dhurjati, chemical engineering
Bobby J. Dixon, Facilities Management
John E. Fenimore, Information Technologies/Management Information Services
Michael Ferrari, individual and family studies
Ann B. Ferreira, Facilities Management
James W. Fischer, health and exercise sciences
Henry R. Glyde, physics and astronomy
Richard E. Gordon, Information Technologies/User Services
Regina Harding, Information Technologies/Network and Systems Services
James Hiebert, educational development
Alan M. Horowitz, University Parallel Program-Wilmington
Wendy H. Houang, Information Technologies/Management Information Services
Yu-Chu Huang, chemistry and biochemistry
Barbara E. Johnston, admissions
James M. Jones, psychology
Nina M. Kallmyer, art history
Vincent Lariccia, mathematical sciences
Richard S. Law, library
Dov Leshchinsky, civil and environmental engineering
Joy S. Lynam, Information Technologies/Management Information Services
Mark D. Mankin, Residential and Conference Facilities
Gladys I. McCarthy, Office of the Vice Provost for Research
Susan McGrath-Powell, health and exercise sciences
Mary B. McManus, Information Technologies/Management Information Services
Peter B. Monk, mathematical sciences
Shearee Moore, Transportation Services
Joseph E. Napolski, Intercollegiate Athletics Program
Chris A. Newcomer, Facilities Management
Alexis S. Nojunas, Facilities Management
Caroline Pijanowski, English Language Institute
James E. Pizzuto, geology
Mary E. Politakis, foreign student and scholar services
John F. Preble, business administration
Thomas S. Ray, biological sciences
Arnold L. Rheingold, chemistry and biochemistry
Lowell Riethmuller, English Language Institute
Dorothy H. Ross, University Writing Center
David T. Sawczuk, Facilities Management
Robert W. Scarborough, bioresources engineering
Yda Schreuder, geography
Laurence Seidman, economics
O. Sue Snider, animal and food sciences
Roger J. Spacht, health and exercise sciences
David G. Sperry, biological sciences
Frederic M. Stiner, business and economics, accounting
Joyce H. Stoner, art conservation
Douglass F. Taber, chemistry and biochemistry
Cynthia W. Timko, Cooperative Extension
Diana Wearne, educational development
Ferris Webster, marine studies
Claude A. White, Facilities Management
Roxane H. Whittaker, Cooperative Extension
Patricia Whittington, Residential and Conference Facilities
Corwin Wickersham, Residential and Conference Facilities
Arthur R. Yancey, Information Technologies, University Media Services

10 Years

John Acuff, biological sciences
Anne Adkins, continuing education, credit programs
Suresh G. Advani, mechanical engineering
Susan M. Agent, library
Maurice B. Alexander, occupational health and safety
Jama M. Allegretto, arts and science
Sharon K. Altman, Dining Services
Emma D. Amuti, University development
Amy S. Anderson, animal and food sciences
Alice E. Andrews, Student Health Services
David A. Barczak, marine studies
Alba R. Bates, employee training and career development
Patricia L. Beazley, computer and information sciences
Ruth Bell, foreign languages and literatures
Nancy A. Benderoth, student center
Stuart Binder-MacLeod, physical therapy
Linda M. Bostwick, chemistry and biochemistry
Jerry L. Bouchelle, Residential and Conference Facilities
Katherine A. Bouton, marine studies
Maryanne Bowers, educational studies
John S. Boyer, E.I. duPont Professor of Marine Biochemistry/Biophysics
Elaine M. Brenchley, music
Janet G. Broske, University Gallery
Jeff A. Burger, library
Maryanne Brown-MacKay, Master's of Arts in Liberal Studies Program
Douglas J. Buttrey, chemical engineering
Kenneth A. Campbell, psychology
Jayne E. Case, library
Judy A. Celli, foreign languages and literatures
Debra J. Cephas, Facilities Management
Phillip Christie, electrical and computer engineering
Sandra J. Cleaver, Facilities Management
Linda M. Clifton, anthropology
Darryl J. Cofield, Information Technologies/Network and Systems Services
Rita Y. Cohen, psychology
Margaret A. Conlon, marine studies
Rhonda Cooper, Facilities Management
Gina A. Crampton, Facilities Management
Francis J. Cummings, biological sciences
Marjorie S. Darrell, Office of the Vice Provost for Research
Theodore J. Davis, political science and international relations
Mary J. Decampli, Career Services Center
Albert P. Delpizzo, Facilities Management
Rodney L. Dempsey, agriculture-Newark Farm
Karen E. Dias, library
Marilyn M. Doll, Facilities Management
Jeffrey A. Doucette, ice arena
Kimberly A. Doucette, marine studies
Nancy D. Downey, music
James E. Elfers, library
Lisa M. Elias, Information Technologies/User Services
Joseph G. Farrell, marine studies
Gabriella Finizio, foreign languages and literatures
Donna Fritz, mechanical engineering
Patrick M. Gaffney, marine studies
Joanne S. Gibbs, Office of the University Registrar
John Gleasner, Graphic Communications Center
Kathryn G. Goldman, residence life
Wendy J. Groce, Office of the University Registrar
Barbara A. Hadley, University Parallel-Dover
Robin M. Harbaugh, marine studies
Jon D. Harper, library
Marlene A. Hartman, library
Marjorie L. Hayman, Dining Services
Janet M. Hedrick, public safety
Steven Helmling, English
David Herman, music
Betty J. Hoback, human resources, education and public policy
Janine M. Hobday, history
Cindy L. Holland, Career Services Center
David E. Hollowell, Office of the Executive Vice President
Seung M. Hong, biological sciences
Ruth R. Hurst, conferences- Newark
Brenda S. Irwin, residence life
Tammy Jackson-Harmon, administrative services
Vernon A. James, music
Joanne R. Jennings, educational studies
David R. Johnson, physics and astronomy
Harvey R. Johnson, Facilities Management
Allison G. Kaplan, education
David W. Kaplan, educational studies
Calvin L. Keeler, animal and food sciences
Paul J. Keenan, Dining Services
R. Rogers Kobak, psychology
Marie E. Kreck, business and economics
Limin Kung, animal and food sciences
John E. Kushman, consumer studies
Joyce A. Lacy, ice arena and pool
Jean F. Lane, recreation services
Felix Lazebnik, mathematical sciences
David G. Levandoski, occupational health and safety
Scott E. Levely, Facilities Management
Sandra H. Lewis, Facilities Administration
Terri L. Lineback, occupational health and safety
Karen E. Lofthouse, Bob Carpenter Center
Robert Longwell-Grice, residence life
Ronald E. Ludington, health and exercise sciences
Lalita A. Manrai, business administration
Mary J. Martin, graduate studies
Gloria A. McCool, Intercollegiate Athletics Program
Janice L. McFarland, Information Technologies/Network and Systems Services
Susan McGeary, geology
Rosemary C. McMahon, Information Technologies/ Management Information Services
Paul F. Mettler, physical therapy
Kathleen M. Michael, Facilities Administration
Doris G. Miklitz, library
Garret T. Moore, public safety
Carla C. Morris, University Parallel-Dover
Barbara L. Morris, dean of students' office
Zelma Mosley, political science and international relations
Suzanne P. Moylan, Residential and Conference Facilities
Maria E. Mullin, Information Technologies/Management Information Services
Michael H. Mundy, Facilities Management
Michael B. Murray, Facilities Management
Patricia K. Musa, physics and astronomy
Ratna Nandakumar, educational studies
Quenna C. Neal, bookstore
Terry J. Norem, Facilities Management
Penny B. O'Donnell, Center for Composite Materials
Catherine T. Olsen, plant and soil sciences
Charles Pavitt, communication
Christopher Penna, University Writing Center
Elizabeth M. Perse, communication
David M. Platt, public safety
Edward J. Pochomis, Information Technologies/Network and Systems Services
Flora M. Poindexter, foreign languages and literatures
Conrad R. Pope, animal and food sciences
Mary V. Pritchard, continuing education, credit programs and student services
Larry D. Purnell, nursing
Albert J. Raimondo, Facilities Management
Kelvin W. Ramsey, Delaware Geological Survey
Edward C. Rapp, Graphic Communications Center
Jacqueline Richards, Facilities Management
Robert E. Rieman, continuing education, credit programs and student services
Willy Riemer, foreign languages and literatures
Ronald M. Robinson, Operations and Maintenance-Lewes
Peter P. Romano, public safety
Carol A. Rudisell, library
Gail Rys, education
Deborah A. Ryszka, library
George D. Sanders, Residential and Conference Facilities
Nancy E. Sanderson, business administration
Leonard W. Schwartz, mechanical engineering
Deborah A. See, mathematical sciences
Daniel D. Shade, individual and family studies
Richard D. Shepherd, Facilities Management
Vincent N. Shipman, public safety
Bruce T. Shorter, Facilities Management
Rebecca Siders, Center for Historic Architecture and Design
Nancy Signorielli, communication
Diana J. Simmons, University Honors Program
Barbara A. Smith, benefits services
Betty L. Smith, graduate studies
Ruth A. Smith, Academic Services Center
Carolyn J. Sobocinski, geography
William B. Stanley, educational development
David M. Stone, art history
Kathlyn B. Suiter, Career Services Center
Ib A. Svendsen, civil and environmental engineering
Krzysztof Szalewicz, physics and astronomy
Richard Tarpley, marine studies
Gail E. Tentor, Facilities Administration
Bruno Thibault, foreign languages and literatures
Barbara Y. Thomas, Academic Services Center
Steven J. Timmins, Information Technologies/User Services
Virginia Tomlinson, Information Technologies/University Media Services
James A. Vargo, Facilities Management
Rajkumar S. Varma, finance- business and economics
Bruce L. Vasilas, plant and soil sciences
K. Vijayashanker, computer and information sciences
Kathleen Vodvarka, English Language Institute
Florence M. Waibel, Office of the President
Renee S. Watson, animal and food sciences
George H. Watson, physics and astronomy
Bonnie L. Welker, Facilities Management
Gary L. Wellmaker, chemical engineering
Kathleen C. Werrell, engineering
Clinton E. White, business and economics, accounting
William R. Wilson, Facilities Management
Paul E. Wise, hotel, restaurant and institutional management
Lee Woomer, benefits services
Rebecca B. Worley, English
Sheila D. Yellowdy, Dining Services
John S. Ying, economics
Alberta E. Young, Dining Services

Stuart Cooper (left), H. Rodney Sharp Professor of Chemical Engineering, celebrates
five years of service, and Vincent Shipman, public safety, marks 10 years at UD.

5 Years

Amy R. Alfred, Center for Counseling and Student Development
Rick L. Andrews, business administration
Michael A. Arnold, economics
John W. Barksdale, transportation services
Paul R. Berger, electrical and computer engineering
Susan Borst, library
Andrea L. Bowers, chemical engineering
Laura E. Boyd, financial aid
Francine D. Brooks, library
James M. Brophy, history
Isreal Brown, Residential and Conference Facilities
John R. Brunswick, library
Iris Busch, foreign languages and literatures
John C. Cavanaugh, graduate studies
Lisa Chieffo, foreign languages and literatures
Katrien Christie, foreign languages and literatures
Karen R. Cole, medical technology
Deborah C. Cook, chemical engineering
Stuart L. Cooper, H. Rodney Sharp Professor of Chemical Engineering
Patricia Correale, University development
Sheila C. Crifasi, communication
Jorge H. Cubillos, foreign languages and literatures
Judy L. Davis, financial aid
Gail S. DeAngelo, financial aid
Ramarao Desiraju, business administration
Joan J. Dinsmore, Office of the University Registrar
Ana I. Dittel, marine studies
Roderic C. Don, Center for Composite Materials
Laura C. Dougherty, College School
Betty A. Drummond, Facilities Management
Mary E. Dunnack, music
Theda M. Ellis, Center for Disabilities Studies
Cheng-Shun Fang, nutrition and dietetics
Shannon L. Fields, energy conversion
Carolyn Figalora, library
Carmen Finnicum, foreign languages and literatures
Joanne E. Fitzpatrick, Center for Educational Leadership and Policy
Robert Fitzwater, Facilities Management
Amy L. Franklin-Craft, residence life
Sandra S. Goodley, marine studies
Joan M. Gutowski, Office of the University Registrar
Pamela Hannum, Information Technologies/Network and Systems Services
Rich J. Harbaugh, Information Technologies/University Media Services
Kevin E. Hart, energy conversion
Jennifer B. Hintlian, art history
Robert C. Hite, library
William J. Idsardi, linguistics
Pauly Iheanacho, library
Glenwood T. Jackson, mail service
William F. Johnson, Facilities Management
Edward N. Johnson, Facilities Management
Quintin R. Johnson, Agricultural Research and Education Center
Ralph R. Johnson, Residential and Conference Facilities
Theresa M. Kalesse, engineering
Gregory D. Kane, business and economics, accounting
Winifred A. Kearns, nutrition and dietetics
Esther G. Keeley, gift processing
Linda M. Kelly, graduate studies
Willett M. Kempton, marine studies
Paula R. Klemm, nursing
Sondra D. Kyle, Facilities Management
Paul R. Lambert, Facilities Management
Stacie L. Larkin, physical therapy
David C. Lee, financial aid
Paul LeMahieu, education
Patricia Lesniczak, library
Wenbo Li, mathematical sciences
Frank E. Lindsay, Facilities Management
Angelica R. Lord, library
Rease N. Maddox, Office of the University Registrar
Charles J. Marsh, Information Technologies/University Media Services
Lisa McBeth-Snyder, nursing
John H. McDonald, biological sciences
Virginia McHugh, theatre
Mark W. McLeod, history
Anne-Marie L. Menzel, library
Dennis R. Mertz, civil and environmental engineering
Yvonne L. Miles, financial aid
Mary C. Miller, continuing education, credit programs and student services
Patricia S. Mindrup, Facilities Administration
Arwen P. Mohun, history
Barbara L. Morris, English Language Institute
Paul R. Moylan, marine studies
Dela K. Muhlenberg, Academic Services Center
Lysbet J. Murray, Academic Services Center
Nancy Nobile, foreign languages and literatures
Tammy L. Pack, Facilities Management
Kristine K. Palmer, chemistry and biochemistry
Diane Pettee, library
Martin J. Postle, international programs and special sessions
Ajay K. Prasad, mechanical engineering
Rebecca L. Ramos, Graphic Communications Center
Charles D. Redic, Residential and Conference Facilities
Robert G. Reed, chemistry and biochemistry
Susan D. Reeser, communication
Melanie B. Rehberg, English Language Institute
Darlene A. Reynolds, English
Linda S. Rhodes, Facilities Management
Eric W. Rise, criminal justice
Clyde W. Robinson, Educational Resource Center
Emmett Robinson, public safety
Loretta M. Rock, Facilities Management
Helene Rudnick, public safety
Julie A. Schmidt, Research and Development Center-education
Baerbel H. Schumacher, international programs and special sessions
Barbara L. Sheer, nursing
Stanley G. Shumway, international programs and special sessions
Pedro J. Sierra, Facilities Management
Colby L. Smith, Agricultural Research and Education Center
Shirley L. Stotko, education
Beily B. Street, chemistry and biochemistry
Rodolfo V. Tanjuakio, food and resource economics
Eugene A. Taylor, Facilities Management
Wanda Taylor, Delaware Transportation Institute
Primo V. Toccafondi, Center for Educational Leadership and Policy
Laura L. Travis, Intercollegiate Athletics Program
E. Douglas Vale, marine studies
Michael L. Vaughan, engineering
Ben Yagoda, English
Thomas W. Young, Facilities Management
Bao-Zhu Yu, chemistry and biochemistry
Quanan Zheng, marine studies

Photos by Robert Cohen