PAC districts reorganized, elections scheduled
Vol. 17, No. 24March 19, 1998

PAC districts reorganized, elections scheduled

A epresentative districts for the Professional Advisory Council (PAC) have been reorganized and will become effective July 1. Election of the new PAC representatives from all districts will occur this spring.

According to Maxine Colm, vice president for administration, "PAC representation assures that University professionals have a strong voice about issues affecting their respective constituent groups. The redistricting plan helps assure that this input is reflective of the academic and administrative structure of the University."

"We hope this year's pool of nominees for seats on the council represents the diversity of the professional staff throughout the colleges and administrative units," Richie Holland, employee training, said. "We encourage professional staff members to nominate a colleague who will be able to represent the concerns of their college, office or division."

Nomination letters will be distributed to all professionals March 23, and nomination forms must be returned by April 6 to Alba Bates, Employee Training and Development.

The elections will take place this spring, Holland added, and the new representatives, who will begin their terms July 1, will be announced in the May 7 issue of UpDate.

This year, even-numbered district representatives will be elected for two-year terms and odd-numbered district representatives will be elected for one-year terms. Future elections will be for two-year terms. The next election in odd-numbered districts are scheduled for the spring of 1999 and the even-numbered district elections are planned for the spring of 2000.

The election process is coordinated by the Office of Employee Training and Development. Questions should be directed to Holland at 831-2059.

Following are the new PAC representative districts and their respective offices and units.

District 1

College of Arts and Science


Applied Science and Engineering Center

Art History

Arts and Science

Biological Sciences

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Center for Drug and Alcohol Studies

Computer and Information Sciences


Foreign Languages and Literatures




Mathematical Sciences


Physical Therapy

Physics and Astronomy




University Gallery

University Parallel Program-Wilmington

Women's Studies

District 2

College of Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Center for Composite Materials

EE/CIS Research Computer Lab

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Energy Conversion


Institute for Applied Composite Technology

Materials Science

Mechanical Engineering

District 3

Colleges of Business and Economics, Health and Nursing Sciences and Marine Studies

Business and Economics

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship

Dean's Office-Health and Nursing Sciences


Health and Exercise Sciences

Marine Studies

Medical Technology

Physical Education and Recreation

Recreation and Intramural Programs

Special Nursing Programs

District 4

College of Human Resources, Education and Public Policy

Center for Disabilities Studies

Clinical Studies

Center for School Services

College of Human Resources

Consumer Studies


Educational Development

Educational Studies

Education-Research and Development Center

Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management

Individual and Family Studies

Instructional Technology

Nutrition and Dietetics

The College School-Education

Urban Affairs and Public Policy

District 5

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Agricultural Sciences Communication

Agricultural Sciences

Agriculture-Newark Farm

Animal and Food Sciences

Bioresources Engineering

Cooperative Extension

Entomology and Applied Ecology

Food and Resource Economics

Plant and Soil Science

District 6

Vice President for Information Technologies

Information Technologies

Information Technologies-Help Center

Information Technologies-Management Information Services

Information Technologies-Network and Systems Services

Information Technologies-University Media Services

Information Technologies-User Services

District 7

Vice Presidents for Administration, Alumni Relations and Development and University Treasurer

Accounts Payable

Affirmative Action/Multi-Cultural Programs

Alumni and University Relations

Alumni Relations

Associate Treasurer-Financial Services

Benefits Services

Billing and Collection


Center for Black Culture

Employee Services

Employee Training and Career Development

General Accounting

Internal Auditing

Investment Accounting

Investment Office

Labor Relations

Office of the Vice President for Administration

Office of Women's Affairs


Personnel Records

Public Safety

Receipts, Real Estate and Risk Management

Risk Management

University Development

University Relations

District 8

Office of the Executive Vice President, Facilities

Facilities Management-Building Services

Facilities Management-Electrical Services

Facilities Management-Grounds and Mover Services

Facilities Management-Heat/Chilled Water/Upholestry Shop

Facilities Management-Heating and Cooling Services

Facilities Management-Lock and Hardware Services

Facilities Management-Minor Construction

Facilities Management-Operations and Maintenance

Facilities Management-Operations Center

Facilities Management-Structural Shop

Facilities Management

Facilities Planning and Construction

Facilities Administration

Residential and Conference Facilities

District 9

Office of the Executive Vice President

Administrative Services

Bob Carpenter Center


Budget Office

Campus Delivery

Conference Administration



Dining Services

Graphic Communications Center

Housing and Conference Services

Ice Arena

Institutional Research and Planning

Mail Service

Occupational Health and Safety

Office of Executive Vice President



Housing Assignment Services

Supporting Services

UD1-Flex Office

University Ticketing Services

District 10

Office of the President and Vice President and University Secretary

Government Relations

Intercollegiate Athletics Program

Office of Public Relations

Office of The Archivist

Office of The President

Office of University Secretary

Physical Education and Intercollegiate Athletics

Recreation Services

District 11

Office of the Provost, University Library


District 12

Office of the Provost, Enrollment Services and Continuing Education

Academic Services Center

Admissions Office

Continuing Education-Associate Provost's Office

Continuing Education-Credit Programs and Student Services

Continuing Education-Professional and Noncredit Programs

Financial Aid

Office Of University Registrar

District 13

Office of the Provost, all other units

Animal Care

Center for Teaching Effectiveness

Delaware Geological Survey

English Language Institute

Foreign Student and Scholar Services

Graduate Studies

International Programs and Special Sessions

Office of the Provost

Office of Vice Provost for Research

University Honors Program

District 14

Office of the Vice President for Student Life

Career Services Center

Center for Counseling and Student Development

Dean of Students' Office

Residence Life

Student Center

Student Health Services

Student Life

District 15

Southern Delaware

Agricultural Research/Education Center

Agricultural Science

Animal and Food Sciences

Continuing Education-Credit Program and Student Services

Center for Education Leadership and Policy


Cooperative Extension Service

Food and Resource Economics

Information Technologies-User Services

Operations and Maintenance-Lewes

Marine Studies

Plant and Soil Sciences

Public Safety

University Parallel Program-Dover

University Parallel Program-Georgetown

University Relations