UD requests funding to strengthen partnerships
Vol. 17, No. 20Feb. 19, 1998

UD requests funding to strengthen partnerships

President David P. Roselle (left) address the General Assembly's Joint Finance Committee.

University of Delaware President David P. Roselle made a case Feb. 17 to the General Assembly's Joint Finance Committee for an additional $1.1 million over the $95.7 million allocation recommended by Gov. Carper for the upcoming fiscal year.

"There is no wiser investment than education, which ensures the continued growth and prosperity of Delaware and its citizens," Roselle said, noting that the governor's recommendation "demonstrates his continuing commitment to strengthening and further solidifying the partnership between the state and its flagship University."

Roselle called the state and the University "visible partners" at work in virtually every facet of day-to-day life. He cited as examples the numerous research initiatives ongoing with the state, ranging from gene targeting in agriculture to introducing state-of-the-art technology for Delaware's bridges and highways, as well as public service and educational contributions to the agricultural and agribusiness sectors and to assist in the area of K-12 education reform.

Outreach programs "bring the energy and knowledge of the University's faculty and students directly to the state's communities," Roselle said.

Roselle told the legislators he was aware of the fiscal constraints and demands facing them as they deal with the allocation of state funds, but he urged them to ratify the governor's recommendation and to give favorable consideration to the University's request in support of programs and initiatives that would "strengthen the partnership" between UD and the state.

Several programs received only partial funding in the governor's recommendation, and Roselle asked for a total of $191,000 to bring them up to the levels requested. In priority order, they are:

The additional funding would provide a vehicle for 30 gifted students to become apprentices with senior faculty in a program of scholarly research, spending the Winter Session of their junior years and the 10-week Summer Session immediately preceding their senior years engaged in substantive research in a discipline from a broad cross-section of academic fields.

"There is ample evidence that students who engage in undergraduate research have a richer academic experience than those who do not," Roselle said. "Support for this program is an investment in the state's intellectual growth."

An additional $75,000 over the governor's recommendation, bringing the total to $150,000, for extension of the work of research and public service on school finance issues.

"With the current movement toward self-sufficiency and away from reliance on government, this center's services are essential to an ever-expanding client base," Roselle said.

The president also asked for $936,000 million in support for items of significant importance to the state that were not funded in the governor's budget recommendation. These include:

"We believe that our F.Y. 1999 budget request will further strengthen and enhance our partnership with the state in service to the people of Delaware," Roselle said.

Photo by Jack Buxbaum