When the weather outside is frightful
Vol. 17, No. 13Dec. 4, 1997

When the weather outside is frightful

If snow and ice storms arrive in the Delaware Valley, University employees and students have several options to find out if there are late openings, early closings or cancellations at the University.

According to Maxine Colm, vice president for administration, the University's policy is to remain open whenever possible during extreme weather conditions. If no formal announcement of closing, late opening or early dismissal is made, employees who decide for personal reasons not to report or to leave early must take vacation time or leave without pay.

Employees in essential positions are required to report to work during extreme weather conditions. These employees will be designated by their directors in Dining Services, Facilities Management, Housing and Conference Services, Student Health Services, Public Safety and Information Technologies. For more information on the extreme weather policy, employees should contact their supervisors.

Radio stations in the Newark vicinity advised of emergency closing bulletins by the University include: WVUD-91.3 FM; WSTW-93.7 FM; WJBR-99.5 FM; WXCY-103.7 FM; WDEL-1150 AM; WNRK-1260 AM; WJBR-1290 AM; WILM-1450 AM; and WSER-1550 AM.

In southern Delaware and adjacent areas in Maryland, the following radio stations are notified: WSCL-89.5 FM; WYUS-93.0 FM; WZBH-93.5 FM; WGMD-92.7 FM; WDSD-92.9 FM; WRDX-94.7 FM; WAFL-97.7 FM; WSUX-98.3 FM; WSBY-98.9 FM; WRKE-101.7 FM; WLVW-105.5 FM: WQHQ-104.7 FM; WSSR-900 AM; WYUS-930 AM; WTMG-960 AM; WDOV-1410 AM; WJDY-1470 AM; and WKEN-1600 AM.

Call 831-2000, not Public Safety

Employees should direct all calls about weather-related closings or late openings on campus to 831-2000. Please do not call Public Safety, since weather-related calls tie up phone lines and personnel trained to handle emergency and safety-related issues.

Remember, when there's a questions about weather and snow, call 831-2000.