Textiles graduate shares her real-world experiences
Vol. 17, No. 13Dec. 4, 1997

Textiles graduate shares her real-world experiences

Emily Rubin Persons, HP '84, discussed her business, J. Fleet Designs, with more than 130 persons at classes and seminars on Nov. 20 in Alison Hall West.

The company was one of the first to introduce Vietnamese lacquered products to the American market. The products combine contemporary designs with traditional lacquer handicraft.

Among the imported decorative accessories, often referred to as "functional art," are trays, plates, boxes and ice buckets. Many of the items feature eggshell designs, layered lacquer and mother-of-pearl inlays.

The alumna shared her experiences living in Hong Kong and the various jobs she held there-as a client manager, personnel consultant and marketing manager.

Persons said she discovered a piece of decorative tableware in a gift shop while on vacation in Vietnam, and that's when J. Fleet Designs was born.

Persons also discussed the differences between U.S. and Asian cultures and how these affect business operations. She told her audiences how her business is affected by communication barriers, government influences and economic development, as well as quotas, tariffs and shipping procedures.

Persons said that her classes at UD have helped her throughout her career.

Persons was the first guest speaker at the Consumer Studies Lecture series entitled, "Consumer Culture and Marketplace Dynamics."

-Regina DelGado