Faculty Senate approves new undergraduate theatre degree
Vol. 17, No. 13Dec. 4, 1997

Faculty Senate approves new undergraduate theatre degree

The University Faculty Senate granted permanent status to the undergraduate degree in theatre production at its Monday meeting.

The bachelor of arts in theatre production had been given provisional status in 1992. Another program that was to have been reviewed for permanent status, the B.A. in Latin American studies, was given an additional year of provisional status. According to the senate resolution, the extension was requested because the College of Arts and Sciences and the provost's office are examining the development of an international studies program.

In other business, the senate adopted a statement on the composition of master's thesis committees that will be included in the Graduate Catalog. A friendly amendment to the resolution offered by Sen. Annette Shine was passed by the senate. Making the requirements conform exactly to those of the doctoral thesis committees, the amended resolution states that each department will determine the number of faculty required to serve on the thesis committee and will approve them through appropriate departmental procedures.

Earlier in the meeting, Provost Mel Schiavelli discussed how his office has decentralized the academic budget authority, allowing college deans more control over their financial resources to encourage academic leadership. Another goal of this initiative, he said, was to offer an incentive for increasing outside funding of research by returning to the colleges any indirect costs recovered. A third goal simplified the funding of graduate students by offering tuition scholarships to go along with their graduate support.

Today, deans prepare their budget several years in advance, discussing expected vacancies with the provost's office. Boundaries between budget categories are erased, he said, allowing dollars used to support personnel to become dollars supporting supplies and equipment or vice versa.

The provost itemized the sources of the annual $245 million for the basic operating budget: tuition, 47 percent; state appropriations, 29 percent; private sources, 10 percent; indirect cost recoveries, 4 percent; and other sources including summer and winter sessions, 10 percent. Of this amount, he said, expenditures are as follows: salaries, 55 percent; benefits, 18 percent; support funds, 12 percent; facilities/equipment, 8 percent; graduate stipends, 3 percent; library materials, 2 percent; and indirect costs, 2 percent.

After summing up the 1998-99 operating budget requests, the provost noted several successful cooperative efforts with the state, including support for scholarships, undergraduate research, summer school for Delaware teachers, Cooperative Extension, the advanced electronics and materials initiative and additional library materials. One major success, he said, is that the University Library now provides the Encyclopedia Britannica on-line to all high schools in the state.

The University's capital budget request seeks funds to renovate Memorial Hall, Townsend Hall and Wolf Hall over the next three years.