Polish economist visiting Fulbright scholar in B&E
Vol. 17, No. 11Nov. 13, 1997

Polish economist visiting Fulbright scholar in B&E

My generation is fortunate: Politically and economically Poland is fairly stable, and there are opportunities for education and employment," said graduate student Emilia Tomczyk, a visiting Fulbright Scholar in the Department of Economics from the Warsaw School of Economics.

Tomczyk received a degree in management and marketing in 1996 and a degree in quantitative methods in economics in 1997, both at the Warsaw School of Economics. While studying management and marketing, she had internships with a ministry, bank and marketing firm. Although there were many employment opportunities after graduation, Tomczyk said she realized that she wanted to be a research economist, returned to school and now is working on her doctorate.

Her field is econometrics- applying mathematical principles and statistical methods to economics-and game theory.

"It's a kind of mathematical problem-solving game with players, strategies and a pay-off," she explained. "For example, suppose you are starting a new business and your best friend is starting the same kind of business. There are several options open-you can forget the whole idea, join forces with your friend or compete against her or him. By applying statistical and mathematical values to these options, you can determine what combination is best for you, depending on your goals, which do not necessarily have to be financial gain. Biologists have used these modeling methods successfully, and now we are applying them to economics," she said.

Her UD adviser is Michael Arnold, economics.

This is not Tomczyck's first stay in the United States. She spent her junior year in high school in San Antonio, living with distant cousins whom she had never met, and that was a major adjustment, she recalls. Coming to Newark has been a much simpler transition, although UD is very different from the urban setting of the Warsaw School of Economics. Tomczyk said she is taking advantage of the library and computer facilities to work on her doctorate and is enjoying her apartment in graduate student housing.

During her stay in Texas, she went on trips to California and the Western United States. This year, Tomczyk is looking forward to visiting Eastern cities, such as Washington, D.C., and New York.

-Sue Swyers Moncure