UpDate - Vol. 12, No. 11, Page 2                       
November 12, 1992                                      
WXDR radio to become WVUD                              
     WVUD, the "Voice of the University of Delaware," will make its
official debut at midnight Friday, Nov. 13, replacing the old call
letters of WXDR, according to Chuck Tarver, station manager. The radio
station will continue to be located at 91.3 on the FM dial.  
     The event will be marked by a reception for staff and others 
connected with the campus radio station Friday afternoon. A countdown
celebration scheduled  from 9 p.m. until midnight, Friday, in the 
Gallery and East Lounge of the Perkins Student Center. All listeners
are invited to participate in the countdown. In addition to a new 
identity, the station will have a new look. A new logo and promotional
materials are in the works, Tarver said.                     
     The change in call letters came about when the University of 
Dayton decided to sell its commercial radio station.  The school
notified Delaware that its call letters would be available. Both
schools communicated with the FCC, which approved the change,
according to Marilyn Prime, Perkins Student Center director. 
     "It's a new beginning, and we're excited about the new name for 
the station," Prime said.                                    
                                        -Sue Swyers Moncure