Spring guide to campus blooms

Amelanchier West Delaware Avenue, South Mall *
Serviceberry shrub/tree, dark green leaves, short spikes of white 1" flowers
Autumnalis Cherry Parking lots, Alumni Park *
Spreading, deciduous tree, dark green leaves and pink flowers
Flowering Pear Kent Way *
Pyramidal shape tree, glossy foliage, snow-white blossoms
Okame Cherry Parking lots *
Upright oval-growing tree, deep green leaves, pink drooping flower clusters
Saucer Magnolia Magnolia Circle, Mentors' Circle *
Small, low-branched tree, large flowers--pinkish-purple outside, white inside
Star Magnolia Alison Hall *
Large shrub or small tree, medium/dark green leaves, large white 3" flowers
Yoshino Cherry Mentors' Circle, Colonnade area *
Spreading, deciduous tree, dark green leaves and white-pink flowers
Azalea The Grove, Mitchell Hall *
Spreading, deciduous shrub, dark green leaves and pink flowers; white flowers
Black Chokeberry Bayard Sharp Hall *
Large, round shrub, glossy green foliage, white 5-petaled flower clusters
Carolina Silverbell South Mall, Clayton Hall, Mentors' Circle *
Shrub/tree, elliptic leaves, deciduous, clusters of white drooping flowers
Coast Azalea Mentors' Circle *
Deciduous shrub, bluish green leaves and pinkish-white flowers
Constellation Dogwood Morris Library *
Pyramidal shaped tree, heart-shaped foliage, large white 4-petaled flowers
Crabapple Smith Hall, Route 896 (near Bob Carpenter Center) *
Small round topped tree, dark green leaves, pink/white drooping flowers
Dogwood The Grove, Mentors' Circle *
Small, spreading deciduous tree, oval leaves, large, greenish-white flowers
Elizabeth Magnolia South Mall *
Large shrub or small tree, 3-inch yellow-white flowers
Fothergilla Memorial Hall, Colonnade, Main Street, *
Deciduous shrub with blue-green foliage and white flowers Kirkbride Hall, Mentors' Circle
Siberian Iris Mentors' Circle *
Perennial, tall stems, blue flowers
Jane Magnolia Morris Library *
Large shrub or small tree, single, funnel-shaped, bright purplish-red flowers
Kwanzan Cherry Sypherd Hall, Perkins Student Center *
Upright, spreading tree, large double drooping clusters of deep pink flowers
Paulownia South of Memorial Hall *
Deciduous tree, elliptic leaves, clusters of blue cascading blossoms
Pinkshell Azalea Mentors' Circle *
Shrub, small, narrow leaves, light pink 3-inch flowers
Red Chokeberry Bayard Sharp Hall *
Spreading, upright, deciduous shrub, small cream white 5-petal flower clusters
Redbud The Grove, parking lot islands, Colonnade, *
Small tree, heart-shaped dark green foliage, small purple flower clusters Laird Campus, Mentors' Circle
Viburnum species Parking lot islands, Alison Hall *
Small shrub/tree, velvety green foliage, greenish-white flowers clusters
Coral Bell Species Mentors' Circle, Colonnade * *
Perennials, tiny bell-shaped, purplish-red flowers on graceful 12"-18"spikes
Yellowwood Mentors' Circle * *
Deciduous tree, broad leaves, 8"-12" long pendulous clusters of white flowers
Fringetree The Grove, Pearson Hall *
Small deciduous tree, elliptic leaves, small white hanging flower clusters
Itea (sweetspire) Magnolia Circle, Mitchell Hall, *
Spreading deciduous shrub, elliptic leaves, clusters of small white flowers General Services Building., Mentors' Circle
Kousa Dogwood Alison Hall, South Mall, Academy Building, *
Deciduous small broadleaf bushy tree, white 5-petaled flowers Mentors' Circle
Mountain Laurel Magnolia Circle, The Grove, Academy Building *
Evergreen shrub, oblong bluish green leaves, pinkish-white flower clusters
Oakleaf Hydrangea The Grove, Colonnade, Mentors' Circle, *
Large shrub, oak-like leaves, upright, clusters of small white to pink flowers General Services Building
Pagoda Dogwood Legacy Park, Pearson Hall *
Deciduous tree, layered branches, flat clusters of small white flowers
Rhododendron The Grove *
Evergreen shrub, large paddle-shaped leaves, large, lavender flower clusters
Snowbell Blue and Gold Club *
Round broad shrub/tree, narrow, glossy green leaves, sprays of white blossoms
Spirea Parking lot islands, Student Services Building, *
Low, mounded shrub, clusters of tiny flowers Smith Hall, East Hall
Sweet Azalea Mentors' Circle *
Deciduous shrub, blue-green leaves, fragrant star-shaped white flowers
Sweetbay Magnolia Mentors' Circle, Magnolia Circle, The Grove, *
Deciduous shrub/tree, green elliptical leaves, creamy white fragrant flowers Colburn Lab, Clayton Hall
Blue Wave Hydrangea Mentors' Circle, Blue & Gold Club * *
Large shrub, yellowish green leaves, large round cluster of blue flowers
Coneflower Parking lots * *
Perennial plant, lance-shaped dark green leaves, large daisy like purple flowers
Hosta Species Mentors' Circle, The Grove * *
Spreading perennial, bold foliage, tall spikes of lavendar lily-like flowers
Sorrel Tree Mentors' Circle, Penny Hall * *
Deciduous tree, long drooping clusters of tiny white bell-shaped flowers
Coreopsis 'Flying Saucer' Colonnade
Perennial, wiry green foliage, large golden yellow flowers
Coreopsis Moonbeam Bayard Sharp Hall, Student Services Building,
Perennial, wiry silvery green foliage, pale lemon flowers Mentors' Circle
Daylilies Parking lot islands, West Delaware Avenue,
Perennial, long slender leaves, yellow flower clusters on long stems Academy Building, Mentors' Circle
Black-Eyed Susan Parking lot islands, Colonnade
Perennial, elliptical shaped leaves, golden yellow flowers
Butterfly Bush Bayard Sharp Hall, Mentors' Circle
Medium-sized shrub, long lancelike leaves, upright clusters of white/pink flowers
Hypericum Species Parking lot islands, Kirkbride Building,
Small shrub, symmetrical leaves, small yellow flowers
Aster Species Parking lot islands, West Delaware Avenue, *
Perennial, lance-shaped dark green leaves, dense purple flowers Mentors' Circle
Russian Sage Alumni Park, Academy Building *
Perennial, silvery foliage, spires of lavender-blue flowers
Cardinal Flower Mentors' Circle * *
Periennial, lance-shaped leaves, tall stems of tubular red flowers
Clethra Species Magnolia Circle, Laurel Hall, Mentors' Circle, * *
Small shrub, silvery green leaves, fragrant pinkish-white flower spikes General Services Building
Joe Pye Weed Bayard Sharp Hall * *
Perennial shrub, serrated, lance-shaped leaves, upright pink/purple flower clusters
Autumn Joy Sedum Perkins Student Center, Student Services Building *
Perennial, oval leaves, broccoli-like florets turn from whitish green/pink to russet
Caryopteris Parking lot islands, Mentors' Circle *
Herbaceous shrub, silvery foliage, bright blue flowers
Franklinia Mentors' Circle *
Small tree, glossy green leaves, 3" flowers--white with yellow centers
Golden Fleece Goldenrod Mentors' Circle *
18" tall perennial, heart-shaped leaves, clusters of tiny yellow flowers
Liriope Campus ground cover *
Evergreen grass-like ground cover, lavender, purple flower spikes
Plumbago Mentors' Circle *
Perennial, foliage green to burgundy, clusters of blue 5-petaled flowers
Snakeroot Mentors' Circle *
Herbaceous perennial, oval pointed leaves, small heads of tiny white flowers