Salzburg selections announced

Thomas M. Leitch, professor of English, and Sheldon D. Pollack, associate professor of accounting and management information systems, have been chosen by the University of Delaware Salzburg Seminar Selection Committee to participate in seminar sessions this year.

The Salzburg Seminar was founded in 1947 in Austria. "There are hundreds of seminars in the prestige-conscious firmament of academe," Newsweek magazine has written, "but few can rival the eminence of the Salzburg program."

Leitch will attend a session entitled "From Page to Screen: Adapting Literature to Film." Pollack will attend a session on "Globalization and the Development of Transnational Legal Services."

According to Arno Loessner, policy fellow in UD's Institute for Public Administration and campus coordinator of the Salzburg Seminar application process and selection committee, "Both candidates provided excellent proposals in which they convinced the committee that their participation will help strengthen their teaching and research at the University."

Support for the seminars is provided by the dean's office in the College of Human Services, Education and Public Policy, Office of the University Provost and the Center for International Studies.